Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Moors want Spain to apologise for expulsion 400 years ago

The Moorish King, Boabdil, surrenders Granada, the last stronghold of the Moors in Spain, to Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492. Painting by F. Padilla.


Do the Moors/Muslims forget that they INVADED Spain and Europe to begin with?

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Steve said...

Dear Graham;
I think that if we are going to argue about this sort of thing, then we ought to know the whole story : In April 711, the Arab governor of Tangiers, Tariq ibn-Ziyad, crossed the strait between what are now Morocco and Spain with an army of 10.000 Berbers (the place where they landed was soon to have a new name, the rock of Tariq, Jabal Tariq — Gibraltar). Goth King Roderick hastily took an army south, but Táreq and his Berber troops defeated it in a battle near the River Guadalete. Tariq ordered that a group of prisoners be cut into pieces and their flesh boiled in cauldrons, then released the rest, telling them to spread the word about Moorish practices. He and his army then followed the old Roman roads north to the Goths' capital city, Toledo, pausing only to take the cities of Éjica and Córdoba. Resistance was slight, whether reduced by Tariq's intimidatory propaganda or not. The invasion had been ordered by Musa, the governor of Ifriquiyya (North Africa), and the following year, General Musa himself landed with another Berber army of 18,000, which this time included a large number of Arab officers. He took Medina Sidonia, Seville and Mérida, where a last stand by the Goths failed. And that was more or less that. While on their flanks subordinates took care of Portugal and the east of Spain, Tariq and Musa met up in Toledo and continued north-east up the Ebro valley, encountering practically no resistance at all.
The Moors did however not rest with the conquest of Spain. Their Holy War, or Jihad, forced them ever on, and in 722, they crossed the Pyrenees and invaded Gothic Gaul (France), seizing several towns in the south of that country.

Ten years later, in 732, they launched what was to be their final bid to overcome all of Western Europe when a massive army under the command of the Moorish governor of Spain, Abd arRahman, began laying waste to large parts of Frankish and Gothic France. The Goths in Aquitaine, under their leader Eudes, were defeated at Garonne, and they were forced back into central France. You see, Spain and France could also claim to apologies for brutal conduct carried out centuries before the "Moorish Expulsions"

So, Moorish forces invade Europe in 722 and 732. As for the First Crusade, it was only launched in 1096. Some ought to revise their history instead of trying to fit it into a politically correct agenda.