Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jewish groups urge hate crime bill passage



Reichsmarshal said...

It is my understanding that pedophiles are included among the list of sexual deviants afforded "protected status". And why not? The jewish ACLU has been working for years to get pedophilia accepted along with faggotry as "just another life style choice."

Whether or not we are destined to win this racial struggle, one thing is clear to me: this entire corrupt apparatus must be put to the flame and purged. Nature demands retribution for these abominations that have been allowed to fester within Western Civilization for far too long.

Lone Wolf said...

Yeah Reichsmarshal, and with several states, like Iowa, just recently "legalizing" homosexual "marriage", it appears obvious the Jews are making a coordinated move right now at various levels to "legitimize" homosexuality.

Daniel said...

I saw this coming for quite some time. It's unfortunate that the backbone of this country (whites) are the only ones that aren't a protected class now. Pretty soon any kind of negative talk about mongrels, sodomites, and jews is going to get one put away for a very long time. I am seeing the "cleansing" of Christianity coming to a church near you. The mainline evangelical churches will eventually fold and give in to the spirit of the age. Pretty soon we'll have churches where sodomites are welcomed and called "God's children, too." Pathetic it has come to this.