Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution not based on empirical research, but put forth to justify common descent of all humanity

So says a new book on Darwin. Thanks to The White Christ for this find:

Article: NY Times: "Charles Darwin, Abolitionist"

Commentary from The White Christ:

It was noted in a comment on this latest column, that Darwin- the ‘arch-enemy of conservative Christians’ and, of course, the friend of the ‘atheist evolutionists’ - was, actually, not a rabid atheist, but was another sort of rabid fool - a died in the wool Abolitionist!


Darwin, who had to be pushed and prodded by Huxley to get this book in print, wrote ‘Origin’ initially, NOT because he believed in the ‘theory of evolution,’ BUT because he viewed the Black and White races as equal in GOD’s EYES, and wanted to prove it ‘scientifically’!!! HE BELIEVED not IN THE THEORY OF Evolution, but in THE THEORY OF MISCEGENATION as ’survival of the fittest’!


Darwin, (who wrote Origins to counter the increasing weight of Victorian science- and scientists- that were proving the superiority of the White Man in his: cranial capacity; his IQ; his inventiveness; his altruism and other positive moral traits; his ability in all fields, in short, he SUPERIORITY over the other Races to RULE and REIGN; in short, what eventually became both his blessing and his curse- the so-called ‘White Man’s Burden’ – BOTH existed at the height of the Victorian
era, and Darwin was in an existential pickle. Believing as he did, he felt that the ‘lesser races’ were to be pitied (as only a Better does to his Inferior,
whether of class, station, or race…), and, spineless as he was, Darwin could not reconcile his universalism with his knowledge of Christendom- which had
existed (if at all) because it, and IT ALONE, had been given grace, by long association with Christ, the Church, and the Holy Spirit dwelling with ‘His People’ [Matt. 1:21].

Precisely because Darwin felt that it was wrong of God to choose one race over the other, and thought the lies and heretical stances of the Abolitionists superior to the Almighty, as knowing more than God, (who ‘hath appointed the bounds of their habitations,’ and who long ago, had ‘given this land into your hands, and taken it from the Jebusites, and Perrizites, and Amorites, etc.)

Darwin was saying GOD WAS WRONG in creating a race of slave/servant, and used his sophomoric science to prove ‘racial equality’!!!


captain howdy said...

Well, I guess my question to you is:

Do you disagree with Darwin's theory of evolution, or do you disagree with his beliefs of racial equality?

Or do you disagree with both?

Lone Wolf said...


captain howdy said...

So, you're what, a Nazi or something? Do you just hate black people? Or black people and Jews?

Or do you pretty much hate everybody?

Anonymous said...

Both on my part as well. They are cut from the same antichrist cloth, and Satan is the weaver.

Oh, and 'Capt. Howdy,' I disagree with your vile slander on my blog, you worm. Why don't you 'spontaneously evolve' into a human being, and I might talk with you... NOT.

"Answer a fool according to his folly..." Proverbs.

Anonymous said...

you're wrong. get an education, stop believing in fairies.