Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Black comedian Jamie Foxx calls Miley Cyrus a "little white bitch" - Where's the outcry from the Jewish media for firing a la Don Imus?

Let's say hypothetically that a white comedian had called a young black actress a "little black bitch." Wouldn't that white comedian be lambasted in the Jews' Media, with calls for his career to be over, etc? And where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?

Don't tell me there's a double standard...

Foxx Says Sorry for Miley 'Sex Tape' Gaffe


Anonymous said...

Black bastard wants to learn some manners!

Fucking nigger!

Reichsmarshal said...

This "comedian" is only "funny" because the jewish overlords who have forced this mediocre talent on an unsuspecting public say he is. I can take a short drive up to Detoilet and find a yard ape on any street corner capable of spewing vulgarities.

Just another offense, another slandering of my People that goes into the notebook already brimming with crimes, injustices and defamation that I'm keeping track of until the jews and their biological weapons atone for what they've done. On that day, "change" will truly have come to America.