Monday, April 13, 2009

Antarctic Sea Ice Up Over 43% Since 1980

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Anonymous said...

Do not be confused.

The argument is that global warming causes the ice to melt and since the ice at the South pole is increasing, global warming isn't real.

This is misleading....

Global warming IS NOT the only phenomena that causes ice to melt. The other phenomena is a reduction in the ozone layer. This was particularly applicable to the South pole where there was a huge hole in the ozone layer.

The ice in Antarctica has increased in spite of global warming, BECAUSE the elimination in the use of CFC's caused the hole in the Ozone layer to be much reduced in size.

Google it and see for yourself.

The increasingly healthy ozone layer is what has caused the increase in ice and this increase is only evident to the South pole.

One should compare the ice fields to a time before the hole in the ozone layer was created, pre 1980

Of course those companies and individuals that profit from using oil etc. would have us belief that global warming is a farce, because it affects their pockets.

It is REAL.

Daniel said...

I don't think I have enough information to say whether or not global warming is true or false.I've read evidence for both sides. One thing I do know is that the left has been using the whole global warming/going green ethos for more than just making people conscious about a possibly dire future ecological situation. They have an agenda behind it. Like everything else they put out for mass consumption, the real story is partially hidden and only given out in subtle doses. If you're not sharp, it's sometimes difficult to catch the hints. What I have noticed is that the use of the global warming issue is just one of the many arms of the oneness/unity movements that are so prevalent today. Behind alot of this garbage is nature worship and pantheism, which is about as old as time itself. Essentially, all of this really promotes unity of races and "working together for the greater good of the earth". All one needs to do is see the public service messages on television dedicated to this issue. Notice the many shades of people? The smiling faces? It is just another example of the subtle anti-christian indoctrination whose real goal is to subvert the human will away from God and toward a "new world order" of racial harmony (I.e. death of the white race)and unity (I.e. pantheism, naturalism, etc.). But that's just my opinion of course. Best Regards,