Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Alex Jones - Controlled Opposition for the Global Jewish Mafia Orchestrating the NWO

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it." - Lenin

Alex Jones has already been thoroughly discredited as Jewish-controlled false opposition by others years ago. Nevertheless, many people new to the "truth-patriot" movement are duped by this charlatan, as I was myself when I began listening to his show around 2004. Around 2005 and into early 2006, I began to awaken to serious problems with Alex. At the end of this article I have compiled some of the very best exposes of Jones.

The following is a brief outline of the primary evidence against Jones.

1. Alex Jones obfuscates the leading role of elite Jewry in the "NWO" conspiracy (eg, Jewish domination of the media, Hollywood, and international banking and financial industry, vast influence in lobbying and government, etc).

Alex even had the audacity to claim on his show that "Arabs control Hollywood and the world stock markets." Guests who "name the Jew" are muzzled and restricted to what they can say on the AJ Show (ex, Texe Marrs); callers who bring up the Jewish Question are routinely censored or shouted down (eg, Alex blew a gasket when prominent anti-Zionist Mike Delaney of prothink.org called in April of 2008). Another example of this is when Alex's protégé Jason Bermas attacked a caller who mentioned Jewish power in the mainstream media, with Bermas even saying that critics of jews should die.

2. Despite being a "leading investigator" into the 9/11 false flag attacks, Jones minimized and suppressed the central role played by the Israeli Mossad for around 4-5 years, and only released a film with Jason Bermas (ie, "Fabled Enemies") touching on this issue in 2008 due to pressure from his audience and in order to maintain the pretense of being genuine opposition.

3. Jones conceals the true enemy by referring to the enemy in vague terms such as the "elite", "globalists", or as the "New World Order", and identifying the enemy as Jewish front organizations like the "Illuminati" or just "the government."

Alex claims that the "NWO" conspiracy is lead by a group of elites from all races, with no particular racial group wielding disproportionate influence in the agenda. The concept of a shadowy and unidentifiable enemy leaves truthseekers bewildered, frustrated, and hopeless of ultimately defeating and bringing this gang of criminals to justice. In order to defeat any enemy, you must first know who exactly the enemy is. And removing Jewish-controlled front groups (ie, "goy" agents and puppets) does nothing to thwart the Jewish conspiracy, as the Jewish elite and power structure controlling the conspiracy will merely replace them with other puppets.

4. Alex Jones often blames Anglo-Nordic Europeans for the NWO conspiracy -- eg, blaming the "Anglo-American Establishment" and "Germanic death cults" for being the ultimate group behind the "NWO" conspiracy. He spends an excessive amount of time demonizing and comparing the NWO conspiracy to the German National Socialists (Nazis). Blaming Anglos and Nordic whites for all of the world's problems is a tactic of Jewish propagandists in the "liberal" and "politically correct" (Jewish-controlled) television and news media and Hollywood.

5. Alex Jones promotes the "official" kosher "Holocaust" fable.

In my 5+ years of listening to the AJ show, I have never heard AJ or any of his guests devote substantial time to debunking any aspect of the The Holocaust™ Hoax.  To the contrary, on his show he regularly makes reference to the official narrative of the "holocaust" and the supposed "great evil" of the Nazis.

When pressed, Alex might be forced to admit that some parts of the Holocaust story have been exaggerated (eg, conceding soap and lamp shade hoaxes, and acknowledging the 6 million number is way too high), but by-and-large Jones appears to support the idea that the German Nazis deliberately targeted Jews for extermination and genocide. Maintaining the Holocaust fraud is absolutely key in the overall Jewish conspiracy for world domination ("New World Order" agenda), as it acts to protect the Jews as a group from opposition, and demonizes the ideal of white nationalism (the key opposition to the Jewish agenda) in general by association with the mythical "monstrous evil" of the Nazis.

6. Alex Jones spreads fear and defeatism. After listening to Jones' radio show and documentaries, one is left feeling "beaten down" and demoralized, as if the NWO conspiracy is inevitable, and there is nothing we can do to stop it. In this way, his operation acts to desensitize those in the patriot movement to the NWO plan, and condition them to accept it's eventual implementation.

7. Jones spends very little time on solutions and organizing a serious resistance. Granted, he has been involved in some laudable pursuits such as having localities pass resolutions against the Patriot Act, but such actions are few and far between. Should not more be expected from arguably the most prominent leader in the "anti-NWO" movement? Shouldn't he have compiled a detailed "war plan" or strategy to defeat the NWO? As mentioned above in #6, the vast majority of Alex's time is spent spreading fear and defeatism.

8. The Jews' modus operandi is to control all sides. Would it not make sense for the ruling elite to set up and promote a false opposition "leader" in order to neutralize and control opposition to their agenda? Alex Jones is the most prominent member in the "truth-patriot" movement, is promoted by the establishment television networks, and has a nationally syndicated radio show that reaches millions. If Jones were really a threat to the "NWO" agenda, are we really to believe that he would be allowed to have audience to millions of people? Would they have not pulled the plug on his radio show long ago if he were a threat? But do you know how he would very easily get the plug pulled on his show? Start talking about Jewish influence and power, expose the Holocaust hoax, etc. There's a saying...if you want to know where the true power lies, ask whom you cannot criticize.

9. Alex Jones is admittedly friends with many people in Hollywood, including Charlie Sheen (admittedly jewish), Joe Rogan (Jewish), and Aaron Russo (rumored to be Jewish). Alex routinely talks about his many contacts and friends in the Hollywood scene. Are we really to believe that the supposed epitome of "anti-establishment resistance" is so close and "in" with the Hollywood crowd?

10. While Jones acknowledges and admits that "tribalism" or "racism" is a natural and innate characteristic among humans, he goes out of his way to toe the establishment and politically correct line and denounce this "tribalism" or "racism" as "silly" or "evil."

Jones, whether deluded or knowingly, maintains the deception that all humans are of the same bloodline and thus "family" or "brothers." Jones uses this Jewish construct of the "evil" of "racism", obviously, to censor discussion into KEY areas -- including the Jewish direction of the "NWO" conspiracy, exposing the Holocaust fraud, the necessity of racial separatism and white nationalism, etc. This key construct in the Jewish war plan acts to protect Organized Jewry and maintain the Jewish "multi-cultural" agenda of flooding the white nations with non-whites in order to destroy the white western Christian nations.

11. Related to point #10 above, Alex makes it a specific point on his show to demonize white nationalists, saying such people are "crazy" and "looney", and demonizing them as "racists."

This is usually done when Alex decides to denounce other factions in the truth-patriot movement. In this regard, Alex once again toes the establishment and "politically correct" line, reinforcing the idea that whites (of all peoples on the earth) cannot have self-determination and nations for their people. Alex often acknowledges that non-white immigration is being used as a weapon to weaken America and the European nations (this is too obvious to deny, especially with an audience of largely conservative white people that makes up the patriot movement). Yet he won't take the next logical step by asserting the right of European/white people to have nations exclusively for themselves, and goes out of his way to denounce those brave white people who argue for white nationalism. Why? Because preventing and destroying strong white nations is a primary piece of the Jewish agenda for achieving world Jewish conquest.

12.  Alex promotes known "controlled opposition" politicians, such as Ron Paul and Rand Paul. Alex does not expose the fact that these men are charlatans, who merely play their parts in the whole charade that is modern politics, in order to give the "Truther" and Patriot community the illusion that their voices can be heard in the "mainstream" and that there may be some legitimacy left in politics and the election process. The painful reality is that the entire "voting" process is completely rigged with manipulated/doctored "results" from electronic "voting" machines which have no paper trail or other mechanism to verify the integrity of the votes.

13.  Alex Jones has a jewish wife, named Kelly Rebecca Nichols.

14.  Alex Jones has been connected to the Israeli jewish-run intelligence network "STRATFOR", which explains why Alex has been able to correctly predict many terrorist attacks (including, as Alex claims, the 9/11 attacks as well as the Anthrax attacks that followed). He is able to do this because he is being fed intel directly from Israeli/Mossad-connected sources, who are actually planning and carrying out these false flag attacks.

15. Jones’ flagship radio station, KLBJ AM, in Austin, Texas, is owned by Emmis Communications, a media conglomerate based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The founder, chairman, president, and CEO of Emmis Communications is the dual Israeli citizen Zionist Jew Jeffrey H. Smulyan.

16.  Alex Jones has admitted on his radio show and elsewhere that "half his family are ex-CIA".

17.  If you listen to Alex long enough, you will often hear him "maniacally" laughing when discussing examples of how the NWO chieftans have and are pulling various frauds and crimes on the people of the world.  And I'm not talking about cases where Alex does a "skit" in which he imitates the enemy in order to parody them.   Rather, these laughing outbursts occur in the middle of him being "serious", in discussions of news and events.  For example, on his radio show on November 6, 2015 (at approximately 30 minutes into the show), Alex was describing how the Roosevelt family and U.S. Government had imported opium in the United States, and then made it illegal in order to increase their profits.  Alex then let out a deep, belly-roll textbook "maniacal" laugh that went on for about 10 seconds, just like the typical villain in a movie, right before going to commercial break.  These laughing outbursts are strong evidence that Alex identifies with the criminal elite, and is an accomplice with them, in conning and defrauding the masses.  And after all, Alex cons and scams his audience too, being controlled opposition.

Alex Jones showing his kosher side...

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10 Reasons Why Alex Jones is Zionist Controlled Opposition


Divas4Truth said...

Alex Jones is absolutely ridiculous. I used to listen to his show before he became so nuts. He completely discredits the movement with the way he acts. He gets his facts blatantly wrong--everyone knows that Hollywood is run by Jews. That is not a secret at all, so why does he lie about it?

Anonymous said...

I used to listen to Alex Jones, mostly because I got a laugh out of his theatrics. I knew he was wrong sometimes but I didn't think he was actually lying on purpose.

Well, he is absolutely lying on purpose, and he's WAY more wrong than I ever imagined. It wouldn't surprise me if he had a genius IQ, but he constantly spouts bullshit. The only thing that makes sense is that he WANTS people to be too scared, confused and angry to think straight. Send people off on ridiculous wild goose chases at every turn, and they're no longer a threat to anyone. Controlled opposition is all he is.

And wow; Hollywood is run by Arabs? JEWS Alex. JEWS own Hollywood just like they own the Western media, they have practically from it's inception. You know it and so does everyone else.

Anonymous said...

you don't "tow" a line. you "toe" a line.

Anonymous said...

The repeated statements by Alex Jones of infowars.com concerning his contempt of “ The Anglo-American Establishment” are very telling.

Alex Jones appears to be Anti-American. Alex Jones websites infowars.com and prisonplanet.com use a globe as a logo. Alex jones has never used the American Flag anywhere on his website.

After studying him for 10 years I cannot decipher if Alex Jones is a Communist or not, but collective populism does lead to Communism.

Surely there would be childhood friends or ex girlfriend revenge blogging on the internet about Alex Jones if he were real. I have found nothing to indicate he existed in High School.

Comments please…………

Quex said...

Alex Jones published his first documentary “America Destroyed By Design” in 1997. He is born in 1974, wich makes him then 23 years old! How come some half-literate kid from Texas already knew about things (NWO, deindustriasation of west) most college professors still don’t know?

Because he was groomed to become a leader of so called “truth” movement, wich was inevitable after 911. After wich they killed Bill Cooper, a real people’s awkener and patriot. Can you ever imagine him interviewing coked up Hollywood trash like Sharlie Sheen or being on house wife gossip show “View”? Never. Alex Jones job is to turn political awakening to ineffective entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones is a disinformation agent of the NWO just like many others (David Icke etc.), I personally believe only John Todd and perhaps Bill Cooper. Those people were jailed and killed for telling the truth. Nothing like that ever happened to Jones.

LorieK said...

With 2 degrees of separation between Jones and the Bronfmans...controlled opposition is oh, so correct. Alex Jones...in with the in crowd. The facts speak for themselves.


He is a liar and a coward and a shill...to borrow from Pokerface - "Scarorism for Paytriots"

Randall said...

Don't ever talk about the elephant in the room, Zion. Controlled opposition.

Anonymous said...

he also refuses to mention Orgonite http://www.whale.to/b/orgonite.html

and so does Rense, weel he did slag it off once but it had the opposite effect to what he wanted so now he ignores it.

"When anyone calls into Alex Jones' radio talkshow and mentions Croft or orgonite he savages them, cuts them off and changes the subject. Typical conspiracy sites won't allow discussion of solutions and anyone can see that the info we offer simply sweetens anyone's work and doesn't threaten anyone but the bad guys and the insincere."--Don Croft

Anonymous said...

there's a broadcast where alex jones actually says that Bill Cooper attacks him from the grave. Heinous. listen to this then listen to when the late great Cooper was interviewed on jones' show. big difference. Cooper did a few shows in the 90s exposing alex jones

Anonymous said...

John Todd and Bill Cooper are not the only "conspiracy" researchers who were waxed of framed:
Jim Keith, his publisher, too; Fritz S., Gary Webb,
to mention a few, not to mention all the ones who were less known and we don't know about. These
guys who were targeted did original research; Alex
Jones to my knowledge cannot be credited with any really original info; it's mostly chicken feed.

Lone Wolf said...

I certainaly agree that doing original research makes you "dangerous" to TPTB. But not everyone can do original research.

The problem with AJ is all the disinfo and 'political correctness' he injects into his presentation -- especially regarding him obfuscating the jewish direction of the NWO, demonizing those who point out the jewish direction as "anti-semites", demonizing white nationalists as "loony racists", upholding the absurd "Holocaust" fairytale, suppressing the evidence of the Israeli/Mossad orchestration of the 9/11 attacks, etc

Anonymous said...

I also used to listen to A.J., but I woke up. His followers will say : "He woke me and alot of people up". I would like to add that is his modus-operandi. He tells the truth,yet leaves "crucial" information out so that his followers are definitely the "sheep" that he so aptly labels others who are not following his every word. A.J. followers are likened unto the "christian zionists" who think they need to support the fleshly, secular and communist nation state of Israel no matter how many people "need" to be killed in order to protect it. A.J.s' people really get angry when you tell them the truth about their deceitful moneygrubbing leader. I must admit it though, Alex that is one heck of a nice house your followers got you. It's a beauty! LOL, keep it up, heck they will get you a new plane or possibly a chauffeur soon. If Alex Jones was a threat, then he'd be dead like William Cooper. The "truth" actually did come from William "Bill" Cooper. Cooper was a brave soul who did try to warn many, and paid the ultimate price with his life. Jones,isnot a threat whenever he is steering the "chattel" away from the actual culprits and perpetrators.

Michael Kane said...

y’all as dumb as alex jones is. plus you’re all racist and stupid and as controlled-like as everybody u seem to despise.
Jewish ≠ Zionism.
zionism was not even elaborated by religious people. learn some shit before you bark out insanities.
there are many persons,of jewish confession, who are bound and work against zionism, and many others who don’t even give a shit about it. a million of others (not as much as ZIONISTS have stated- but one or a billion, what difference does it make, it’s wrong anyways-) have died in horrible conditions (along with black people,gay people, Tzigane, “communists" and Jehova Witnesses,which by the way, are still being segregated until today, by people like you.), just for being born this way. not only they died, but their death was and still is misused, in an absurd propaganda, just as their beliefs and origins are still being insulted and injured by stupid motherf***ers such as y’all.
Besides that, there’s the organization within jewish society: sephardi vs. ashkenazi. they also segregate each other, which brings to my conclusion.
None of you fools ever noticed who were the fundamental authors read in political science, for more than centuries? or maybe you just don’t get shit about it. Ever heard of machiavelli? old as f**k, older than when granny was still a virgin. medieval. no colleges nor law graduate schools will teach any political science related subject, without citing machiavelli’s The Prince. “Divide and Conquer”? yeah, that’s him. Now if you knew History (and you’re not a scientologist), you’d certainly know that this moto has been organizing the world, even before the jewish diaspora was able to influence on anything.
jewish, hollywood? yeah thats true, a conspiracy? no.
christians. yes indeed. well... christian values in society in the early days of hollywood stated that actresses where whores and so on... Jewish people didn’t think this way. neither did black people nor did the homosexual. plus they all had tradition in arts and music. and in the early days hollywood was very musical, wasn’t it? even though zionism has been incorporated in the media today, what made jewish hollywood was christian prejudice. same with banks.
divide and conquer: the jews are the chosen ones. we chose them cause they’re good to handle what we think is improper and are perfect scapegoats in case shit blows in the fan.
divide and conquer: who divided? i don’t know but y’all have been conquered.
“address me as your highness, high as United, 30 thousand feet up and you are not invited."

Michael Kane said...

now censor me if you want, but wouldn’t it be against our principles? do you have any btw?

Anonymous said...

Also many those who "expose" Zionism, are NWO agents, especially those "white supremacists". I guess David Duke is also one,for example, he blamed the Arabs for 9-11. Why he blames he the Arabs, not the Zionist Jews?

This is a typical trick of the Jews, these "conspiracy theorists" tell the people portions of truth to hide the whole truth.

Lone Wolf said...

^Excellent point on Duke and many of the kosher "white nationalists", who seem to largely uphold the kosher story on 9/11 being carried out by muslims/arabs.

Anonymous said...

Guys, what do you think about "Metapedia"? It's a nationalist version of Wikipedia, tells a lot of truth, but it protects mainly Adolf Hitler, the Nazis and their real objectives. Do you think that Metapedia is also a "controlled opposition"? In one point, it tells a lot about Jews,their origins, their tactics, crimes, etc. but in other point it protects Adolf Hitler, was a goy hero against the Jewish conspiracy.

Protecting Adolf Hitler would always create two fronts, exposing Hitler would debunk Jewish tactics.

Lone Wolf said...

^I haven't heard of "Metapedia", SerbdomFighter. I'll check it out. In general though, I would be highly suspicious that any websites glorifying Hitler and the Nazis are controlled opposition.

Even if not, they are unknowingly promoting a group (ie, Nazis) who WERE controlled opposition and inflicted unspeakable damage upon the white peoples of the world.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's possible that Metapedia was founded by wrong informed people, but strange is that it's only about Adolf Hitler, Nazis, National Socialism (positive articles), etc. Whatever it's about, mainly Adolf Hitler is mentioned as the hero, almost in each article.

Anonymous said...

I found an interesting video about Alex Jones, he admits to be a Jew:


Lone Wolf said...


Anonymous said...

Another thing Jones does is avoid doing anything or any calls to action. Like when Max Keiser started calling for everyone to buy silver and bankrupt Chase bank, Alex got very nervous and offered to have Keiser on the show later and talk about it, but Keiser didn't appear on the show again on this subject.

Lone Wolf said...

^Yes, as I talked about in the original post. After being the self-proclaimed "head honcho" in the Truth/Patriot movement for now over 10 years and access to a large audience, if Alex Jones were the "real deal" you would expect a LOT more calls to action.

Thanks for that example.