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On the takeover of the internet by TBTB and the use of major websites and the internet as an intelligence gathering operation

Complete and Total Mind Control

Chris | InformationLiberation | Mar 12 2009

I was watching "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" earlier and I saw the creators of "" on the show. What struck me was that these people did not seem at all like programmers, but instead like actors.

If one studies the history of sites like Facebook, or DailyKos, they are riddled with CIA connections.

As I watched these characters on TV I couldn't help but think perhaps the CIA ties which bind Facebook and DailyKos go much, much, deeper. You have to wonder, with a site like Digg, it used to be totally dominated by truthers, yet with their new secret admins now the site is one story about Obama and then another about some tape from Al-Queda and so on. The site is just as phony as the rest of the mass media.

Promotion is an extremely difficult thing to do, people pass things around but it has a limit, even the most viral of stories or videos eventually dies off. With massive financing it is a different story though, especially if you have TV media behind you. For example take Twitter, within the last few weeks it is all the sudden being talked about on every major news channel there is. A while ago when Myspace was bought by Rupert Murdoch the same occurred, it was practically the only thing which the news talked about, they would constantly prose about "is it scandalous" or "too sexual" etc. just to get the masses all talking about it and using it. When Myspace started to die out Facebook came to replace it with an even wider "more sophisticated" appeal. If you are aware of how heavily controlled something like the TV news is, it is foolish to assume there is not also extremely heavy control over many of the biggest sites on the internet.

The big danger becomes that unlike the television, these sites have the ability to watch YOU. Think of everything you enter into Google and Yahoo, they admittedly store that info for years, but then combine that with an even more invasive technology like Facebook or Myspace, where staff, or computers, can analyze everything you personally write about in private messages to your friends.

They do not need to actually read what you are writing word for word to understand you, all they need to do is scan your writings for key words, for example if you are all the sudden messaging people about "Twitter" they could pin you as highly suggestible. Same goes for any stories about celebrities in the news, if you are writing to your girlfriends about Jennifer Aniston or whoever it reveals how you think, combine that now with a database of over a million products, things like pharmaceuticals, electronics, illicit drugs, foods, websites or even something like using an obscure vernacular, all these things can reveal A LOT about you. We are talking about 1984 times a thousand.

When you think of this you realize so much of this power comes from the idea the Internet is private, certainly some sites are but with ISPs actively being involved with the spying any semblance of privacy is going completely out the window. The danger in this is that this information can be used to control you COMPLETELY. If you know someones deepest darkest secrets you have a lot of power over someone.

Certainly this is the perception they want people to have, they want them to be afraid and live in fear, just the other day someone "demanded" I remove their comment (which was calling for nothing more than Blair and gang to be put in jail) because "the first few digits of his IP were showing" and "that could be used to track him down."


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Andrea Murrhteyn said...

Well said:

If you know someones deepest darkest secrets you have a lot of power over someone.

And consequently, if you have the courage to live outloud and have no secrets whatsoever, and I mean whatsoever, NO SECRETS; then what power do they have?

NONE??? ;-)