Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Not For All

From Wheeler MacPherson of Caucasian Literary Review:

The immigration mess is on every "conservative's" mind, including the countless judeoxtians who don't dare speak the true thoughts sifting through their Scofielded and Pipered brains.

But if Americans properly understood to whom and for whom Christ's saving gospel is intended, we never would have exposed this country and her resources to the flood of hating aliens. America's skirts have been lifted, and now she is being raped by strangers.

The mindset and worldview that allows foreigners to slosh across our borders - foreigners who are not our fathers' posterity, who do not share our race, culture, language, or faith - can be at least partially traced back to a perverted view of the gospel. If we ignore the clear scriptural teaching that the Lord Jesus Christ came for His people, the lost sheep of the house of Israel, then we must accept the lie that passes for truth in virtually all Christian and judeoxtian circles today: that Christ came for all, that His plan for the new heavens and the new earth includes a multicultural stew of redeemed humanity.

The Bible does not teach any such thing.

But the majority of churchgoers today truly believe that it does. And this belief influences and colors their daily actions and their politics. If the gospel is for everyone...if the scriptures were written for humanity at large...then it follows that a country should seek to become a "melting pot," or "salad bowl," or "rainbow," or whatever good Stars 'n Stripers are calling this place that was once a nation. None will be turned away. None can be turned away, you see.

This ideology is the bastard child of the two parents, Ignorance and Apostasy. As long as the dominant voices in today's "Christianity" continue to teach that Christ came for those for whom He most certainly did not come, this bastard child will wax larger and stronger, and will grow in favor with antichrist and deracinated man. The foreigners who are sucking up public resources and defecating in once-beautiful communties are coming for our churches, too. Make no mistake about this. Even now, congregation after congregation pursues "outreach programs" designed to bring strangers into the pews, into fellowship...and ultimately, into miscegenistic "marriages" between their people and our people. The church's skirts have been lifted, and the stranger is titillated by what he has seen.

We must return to the holy scriptures, and read them in their purity, and pray for God's spirit to open our eyes. When by His grace and mercy we do open our eyes, we will see that His idea of evangelism is quite different from what we've been taught. And then we will begin to turn to our own kinfolk, and to be burdened for their salvation to the point of groaning in our souls.

But until that time, our Lord's words to the Edomite Jew Pharisees can be applied to our own people:

"You are in error," said Jesus in reply to them, "Through not comprehending the Scriptures, not yet the power of God."
[Matthew 22:29]


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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

A very good post. I must get by there tomorrow - too wiped out tonite. He really brings some scripture to mind.