Thursday, March 12, 2009

Leaked Missouri Police Report Targets Members of Patriot, Militia, Christian Identity, and White Nationalist Movements as Terrorists


PDF of the "MIAC Strategic Report", "The Modern Militia Movement"

Notice on page 4 of the document that "Christian Identity" and "White Nationalist" are the top 2 groups listed as "trends" in the militia-patriot movement.

Why do you think "Christian Identity" is enemy religion #1 according to the ruling Jewish establishment? Because it is the closest thing out there to REAL Christianity....on the cutting edge of truth in the religious arena.


Apostate Judeo-Christianity is Dying - Israelite Identity Christianity is the leading faith of the Resistance to the Satanic-Jewish NWO Conspiracy


Joy said...

Thanks for posting that!
Look at how the police dress now, they are no longer "peace officers" "public servants", but war drones dressed to kill.

Lone Wolf said...

Joy - Here in North Carolina, generally speaking, the police and state troopers have not yet widely adopted the more black/futuristic intimidating uniforms, as far as I have observed. Texas is probably more advanced in that area. But I'm sure the militarization in terms of training is about the same as Texas.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

"The MIAC report is particularly pernicious because it indoctrinates Missouri law enforcement ..."

And this has been a goal of theirs since at least the 8o's, when they first put the Identity movement under the microscope.

They've (cops) only been allowed to hear one side of the issue. Darkness indeed fears the Light.

There has been no threat to law enforcement per se, but they have been warned continuously that the beast that they serve will steadily demand more of them.

They eventually must stain their hands with their kinsmens blood to ultimately prove their loyalty.

Christian men and women demand that we be allowed to serve our Christ as He has ordered us to ... and we will not bow to another. This article should not strike fear in our hearts but determination.

For many long years we have reasoned and suffered in our attempts to enlighten 'n explain, striving to avoid what seems inevitable.

We knew they were likely not to heed but the effort has been duly noted and cannot be denied.

It is the beast that has pitted them against us. Any good elements within the several branches should be aware of the obvious contradictions and injustices they must commit in their daily servitude.

Will they finalize their hardened heart towards their God and against their race ?

Gods patience has an end. Hard decisions must be made and NOW.