Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jew propagandist to Christians: Trust us, Yahshua really was a swarthy devilish jew, not the Nordic white man portrayed in medieval & Renaissance art

Bitching over the portrayals of the Messiah as a light-haired, light-eyed Nordic white/European? What's this all about? The objective is the greater perversion and judaizment of Christianity, further cementing the false judeo-christian religion, and the eradication the true anti-jewish Christian religion.

As this article touches on, within the last century, Jewry -- via its power in the media and though its infiltration and influence on the Christian denominations -- has succeeded in changing the deeply anti-jewish beliefs predominant in Christianity. Prior to just the last half century, Christians widely taught and believed (rightfully) that jews were an evil and diabolical race, "Christ killers", even of Satanic ethnic origin -- all of which is actually supported and confirmed by the Old and New Testaments. Now, they would have us believe lies such as that "Christianity has it's origin in Judaism", "the Old Testament is a Jewish book", that Jews are the friends of Christians, and that the Messiah himself was a jew.

From a theological standpoint as taught in the apostate Judeo-Christian "mainstream" churches and as endlessly repeated in the jewish-controlled media, Jewry believes they have almost fully hoodwinked-propagandized Christendom into falsely believing that Yahshua was racially a jew, and now they are seeking to eradicate the remnants of this correct understanding of his true ethnicity, and fully cement in people's minds the idea of a "Jesus" that is a jew through and through - a swarthy jew by ethnicity, and even a jew by religion. Next, they'll have us believe he would adhere to the Talmud.

Predictably, in this article this jew goes on to lie about how the Christian religion is a fraud anyway, with entire portions of the New Testament being made up -- including the part about Judas who betrayed Yahshua, and that it was Pilate and not the Jewish Pharisees who really wanted to kill Yahshua.



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