Tuesday, March 3, 2009

From Irene Zisblatt's speaking tour - More Vicious Holohoax Lies from "The Fifth Diamond"

Irene Zisblatt

This is the Hungarian jewish scumbag coming out with the "memoir", "The Fifth Diamond". She claims she ate and retrieved diamonds from her excrement for a year and a half, had chemicals injected in her eyeballs by Dr. Mengele, and gave birth to two children despite attempted sterilization by the Nazis.

She's doing her rounds giving speeches in high schools, colleges, and the like. Miraculously, she says she escaped not only the "death" camp of Auschwitz, but also a "death march" of "3 months trudging through the snow in the dead of winter", and "weighed only 40 pounds" at 14 years old when "rescued."

Let's assume for the sake of argument this "death march", or any march, really took place. So the diabolically genius Nazis, "wanting nothing more than to exterminate every jew they could get their hands on", presumably as efficiently and quickly as possible, decide to "exterminate" 5,000 women by marching them through the snow for 3 months??



"The Fifth Diamond" - Yet another absurd new Holocaust Survivor™ memoir

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Greg Bacon said...

JA, and a nice German guard named 'Hanz' would sometimes help me out in dislodging the diamonds if I was constipated. He'd use his huge schlong to poke up in my hidden place and push it back and forth with tremendous pressure until I felt something pop out of my butt.

Soon, I found out I was going to see 'Hanz' everyday, even when I ddin't have constipation.