Monday, March 2, 2009

Flashback: Feds to utilize "Clergy Response Teams" to quell public dissent during martial law and gun confiscation

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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Alas brother, my video player is not working right tonite and so am unable to watch ... but your title sure caught my eye.

Would that some would take the time to read the whole of Ezekiel
chapter 22. Read of this CONSPIRACY that is ages old. Nothing new under the sun.

The ruler in cahoots with the preacher in cahoots with the fabled wise men among us ...
all plundering and destroying the flock.

Always reminds me of years ago when I oft talked to local cops
(on the beat and a few K-9 units). Maybe coincidence, but soon after they started having their very own ride along
"designated preachers." No doubt to keep riff raff such as myself in their proper place !

"Render unto Caesar, you peons and bend over 'n give for the churches sake ! Thou
mustn't question thy
heavenly duty !"