Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Black racialist politics at the Detriot City Council - Whites told to "go home" and not invoke Obama's name

I'm not condemning blacks (or other non-whites) for their nationalistic and racialistic views. Not in the least. But they must practice it in their own nations. And whites must have their own nations exclusively for themselves where they can, in turn, enforce their own racial nationalism.

Racial loyalty and nationalism is a natural and healthy instinct for the preservation of one's own people. And it's no secret that a majority of blacks (and hispanics, arabs, jews, and virtually all other non-whites) are highly racialistic.

The point here is to call attention to the double standard on racialism by the jewish media and establishment. The ruling jewish establishment allows and encourages non-white "minorities" in white western nations to be highly racialistic as part of the overall agenda of fracturing, weakening, and destroying white nations and the ongoing genocide against white people. It is only whites who are demonized by the jewish establishment for exhibiting racial loyalty or racial nationalism.



Reichsmarshal said...

Detroit City Council is essentially "Planet of the Apes" personified, and the only logical outcome of negro rule.

Cobo Hall, the source of this dispute, is probably the last vestige of White greatness in a once proud city now over run by feral beasts and the corrupt politicians they elect.

Well meaning, but utterly delusional White people who are reduced to grovelling with hat in hand before this band of hooligans is a sad thing. Sadder still that they disgrace themselves in an attempt to actually save the city and elevate the citizens, by rehabilitating the last economic engine this urban nightmare has left.

Of course, no amount of altruism can change the ingrained genetics of TNB. Better that these folks leave Detroit to its Darwinian fate and find (White)communities more receptive to prosperity and growth, and let the "D" be the cancerous, pustular sinkhole of social, moral and economic rot that it seems destined to remain.

Lone Wolf said...

Reichsmarshal - LOL, planet of the apes. The white exodus from Detroit over the last several decades has been astonishing. So the only whites left who still think the city is salvagable under Negro rule are the dumbest of the lot. Maybe many of them aren't white anyhow. Probably jews posturing and grovelling to try to set an example for whites.