Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"The American National Party" recently formed to advance interests of European-Americans

The American National Party website

Learned of this from the BNP Chronicle website:

An interesting international development for nationalism came last month with the launch of the American National Party (ANP) website.

The founders hope to replicate the success of various nationalist parties across Europe including the BNP, their mission statement:

"The American National Party exists to advance the political interests of European-Americans, to save from destruction our unique culture, to safeguard our identity, and to help safeguard a dignified future for our posterity.

We recognize that America constitutes a part of Western civilization and that it was founded by European men as an extension of Europe. It is a country with customs steeped in Western values, philosophy, and tradition.

The American National Party understands that European-Americans have lost all political representation. They have been abandoned by every political party, while those same political parties favor advancing the interests of special interest groups and international corporations. The American National Party aims to fill the void left by the mainstream political establishment’s abandonment of the silent majority. We will contest seats of power at every level, push for social reforms, and give cause for our government to once again respect the wishes of traditional America. We will win the hearts and minds of our people, and we will restore the American spirit."

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