Friday, March 6, 2009

Advisor to Brown: Parasitic Jewish banking racket is "all-important"; farming, manufacturing, defense and everything else has "no value"

The actions of the Jewish banking oligarchy ruling our nations already bear this out - eg, with the economy being deliberately imploded and trillions stolen and given to jewish banking houses.

It's only (mildly) shocking that some jew-lackey advisor would utter such words in public.

And just think about how completely insane and false such a view is. Industries such as farming, manufacturing, and defense are absolutely critical to the health and survival of a nation. Meanwhile, the usurious, parasitic jewish banking racket and debt-slavery system is the very thing that is absolutely killing our society.

Story: Gordon Brown adviser says City all-important - and 'rest of the country can be turned over to tourism'

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Anonymous said...

Disgusting! Why bail these parasites out?

The banking sector doesn't deserve any support!

This is all part of a jewish conspiracy and must be stopped!