Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Were the 'Moon Landings' a Hoax? - 22% of Americans in 2009 say 'yes', double from just 1999



Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

I can remember watching that
"landing" on a black 'n white TV ...
OK - I was a kid but I can still recall it.

(even went to Cape Canaveral and saw one launch)

What do you reckon it was - an elaborate money scheme ? I've watched several of those debunker films too and they do raise plausible questions.

Or were they even then up to sinister deeds in space ?

Lone Wolf said...

Jeff, I think it's a combination of the two reasons you mentioned. They faked it in order to 'legitimize' NASA, which ensured massive levels of funding in the future. And they use that funding for black projects, many of which most certainly involve the weaponization of space and the like.

Greg Bacon said...

That the USA has been taken over by a motley collection of liars, thieves, Wall Street whores and murderers is a given.

We got lied into the Vietnam War and the lies continued Big Time during the war.

Remember when "Tricky Dick" was running for prez back in 1968 and the secret plan he had for ending that war?

The war continued on for another five years.

Did they lie about the moon landings?

I don't know, but I do know they've lied about damn near everything else.

And it seems a bot too conveninet that at the same time the lies surrounding the 9/11 attacks are coming undone, that this story would get traction.

That way, the MSM can paint both groups as "tin hat wearing" conspiracy nuts.

Lone Wolf said...

Greg - The Jewish establishment and media still says you're a "tin foil wearing conspiracy nut" if you don't believe the completely bogus official story on the JFK assassination too. Even when ~80% of the public doesn't buy it. Their chutzpah is off the charts. Having looked at the "moon landing" as much as 9/11, the JFK assassination, and the Oklahoma City bombing, it's my opinion that the evidence is strongly against us actually landing on the moon.

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting discussion that deserves more investigation.

There is something very strange about NASA. It is well known that the key scientists in the beginning were captured Nazi "Rocket Scientists" that worked on the V2 weapon system.

What is less well-known is that Jack Parsons, Founder of the "Jet Propulsion Laboratory" was an avowed Satanist and heavily into the occult.

I have written a short essay about Jack Parsons that gives some interesting background information.
You can find my essay here:

Occult symbols and numerology are all through NASA. Just Google "NASA Occult" or "NASA numerology" for a ton of reading.



Lone Wolf said...

FoundingFather1776 - I'm familiar with all the Occult terminology used in NASA (Apollo, etc), but never heard of Jack Parsons. I searched his name, and found some interesting reading. Thanks for the info.

This sort of just occured to me...But from a spiritual perspective perhaps NASA is connected to the desire of the fallen angels to escape the confinement of the earth (where they await judgement). Hence all the Satanist connections and occult terminology.

Anonymous said...

Mythbusters did an episode on the moonlanding and they proved that the so called fakes are not fake at all.

I think the moon landings are the target of Zionists, because the represent the biggest accomplishment of the whites.

All white achievements need to be degraded, in order to simplify the degrading of the whites themselves.

Guapita said...

After seeing a similar topic from another blog - - I think the "Moon Landing is a Hoax" conspiracy is primarily politically driven because Anglo-Saxon Protestant Americans unfairly belittled the 1969 Woodstock. This is just one of the reasons why Neil Armstrong's "One Giant Leap" speech probably excluded African-Americans and other "disadvantaged" ethnic groups in America. And to think most Americans still love the über-Evangelist Billy Graham after his anti-Semitic "stranglehold of the Jews" speech back then.