Saturday, February 21, 2009

Various Quotes on the Holocaust™ Weapon

"The Holocaust is something different. It is a singular event. It is not simply one example of genocide but a near successful attempt on the life of God's chosen children and, thus, on God Himself." -Abe Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith

"The Holocaust was the murder of 6-Million Jews, including 2-Million children. Holocaust denial is a second murder of those same 6-Million. First their lives were extinguished then their deaths. A person who denies the Holocaust becomes part of the crime of the Holocaust itself.' -DAVID MATAS, JEW, Senior Counsel, “League for Human Rights,” B’nai B’rith

Joseph G. Burg, a Jew, testified for the defence of Ernst Zundel and stated that JEW “Holocaust” survivors invented the gas-chamber stories. But, as their testimony was sworn before a Gentile court they could LIE with impunity!

"If those Jews had sworn before a rabbi wearing a skull cap then these false statements, these sick statements, would go down by 99.5%, because the superficial oath was not morally binding on JEWS." -JOSEPH G. BURG, JEW, Zundel Hate Crimes Trials, 1988.

JEWS may lie and perjure to condemn Christians.
TALMUD: Babha Kama 113b.

"At Auschwitz, but probably overall, more JEWS were killed by ‘natural causes’ than by ‘unnatural’ ones." -DR. A. MAYER, JEW, Princeton University. “Why Did the Heavens Not Darken?

"Quite literally, and without exaggeration, "The Holocaust" is a religion. The faithful vigorously reject any and all facts perceived as contrary to their faith and their ugly dogma has the internal consistency only of a revelation taken on faith, not a logical story based on commonly accepted facts, not what history is supposed to be." -Willis A. Carto in "Afterword" from Best Witness: The Mel Mermelstein Affair and the Triumph of Historical Revisionism

"The belief in The Holocaust is a religion. We have to fight against this religion, but I don't know how to fight a religion. Revisionists can look at demographic figures, historical documents, forensic evidence, etc., but there is no example in history of reason destroying a religion." -Professor Robert Faurisson speaking at the 1992 11th International Revisionist Conference in Irvine, CA, October 10-12

"The holocaust dogma of Judaism is an article of faith and a doctrine of belief of Jewish religious history adjudicated by their rabbis according to Talmudic law and Kabalistic tradition." -Ben Weintraub, Holocaust Dogma Of Judaism.

"They have fabricated a legend under the name of Massacre of the Jews, and they hold it higher than God himself, religion itself and the prophets themselves." -Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

"The problem is that the German oligarchy and the Jewish/Zionist/Marxist racketeers who have conned the Germans, the Americans and the whole world with their Holocaust extortion scheme, are both depending for their own survival on the non-exposure of this fraudulent, parasitic enterprise. ... It has become a quasi-criminal enterprise, an octopus-like industry with its own lobby, promoters, legal arm, public relations branch—even enforcers. . . . They have become a public menace and a threat to freedom and constitutional government." -Ernst Zundel, in the Power Newsletter of July 15, 1995

"Israelis and American JEWS fully agree that the memory of the Holocaust is an indispensable weapon... one that must be used relentlessly against our common enemy... JEWISH organizations and individuals thus labor continuously to remind the world of it. In America the perpetuation of the Holocaust memory is now a $110-million-a-year enterprise, part of which is U.S. government funded." -MOSHE LEDHEM, JEW, Balaam’s Curse

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