Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Satanic Jewish-controlled UK government: 'Don't teach children right and wrong about sex'

story: "Parents should NOT tell their children what is 'right or wrong' about having sex, say ministers"


Anonymous said...

Why hasnt someone, preferably a doctor spoke out about the dangers of having sex at an early age?

That Goody woman is dying at 28, and all the doctors seem to want to do is use it to promote screening and gardasil!

The root cause of cervical cancer is underage promiscuous sex, yet that FACT has not been mentioned once as we have to endure Goody's journey into oblivion!

The doctors say what the drugs companies tell them!

Lone Wolf said...

Here in the U.S., there's a major news story about a girl who got seriously ill taking the gardasil "vaccine." It's somewhat shocking the media is actually covering the dangers of gardasil. But the pharmaceutical companies and media are still pushing ahead to have BOYS take it. Maybe they want us to know it's poison and then foist it on us anyway.