Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jewish-controlled Republican party taking a hard turn to the left - Opportunity for white conservatives to form new opposition party

The GOP has already stabbed conservatives in the back on illegal immigration, big government, civil liberties, and government spending, among other issues. Now they are pandering to non-white 'minorities', and getting soft on issues like "affirmative action", abortion, and the homosexual agenda. About all that's left now is for the party to come out against the Second Amendment and gun rights.

In a way, this is good. The increasingly left turn by the GOP may be the kick in the ass to finally wake up the mass of average "unawakened" white conservatives to the fact that our government and the two major parties are controlled by the same elite Jewish interests.

article: GOP reaches out to blacks, Hispanics, homos and abortionists


Jews at The Weekly Standard declare conservative movement "dead", spew hatred at whites, usher in kosher khanservative movement

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Orion said...

I doubt anyone on the right will wake up. They are too stupid and will just go along as long as there is niggerball on tv and refrig is stocked with beer. This is an excellent opportunity to start a white workingman's party but there would probably be so much infighting that the jews would have no problem infiltrating it.

We need revolutionairies to herd the masses into the right direction.