Monday, February 9, 2009

Online Censorship of the 'Jewish Question' is Accelerating

Freedom of speech online is constantly under attack, but it seems to have been kicked up a notch lately. Over the last week or so, I have noticed many blogs and websites being banned/suspended, and have seen an increase in the level of censorship on message boards and forums.

In just the last few days, the blogs 'Jewish Conspiracy Exposed' and 'Zionofacism' have been suspended by Worldpress. White nationalist sites 'The Civic Platform' and 'Western Voices World News' both strangely vanished within the last week, for what reasons I can only surmise...but which I would estimate is probably censorship by the site hosts.

A few days ago, on the Above Top Secret forum, the site administrators announced to users the "end" of "hate speech" on the forum, specifically in regards to the many threads critical of Jews and the Jewish state of 'Israel' following the conflict in Gaza (and though not explicitly stated, probably also regarding the role of the Jewish-controlled banking and financial industry in the ongoing economic crisis). Although ATS has been fairly 'kosher' for a while now, they are now apparently scrubbing the forum of any and all speech critical of Organized Jewry, and even so boldly as to use the establishment's "hate speech" censorship tactic.

Though not a recent development, it is worth noting that virtually all major "conspiracy"-related message boards and forums censor on the Jewish Question. Alex Jones' 'PrisonPlanet Forum', for example, is notorious for censorship of anything critical of the Jewish state of "Israel", any debate of the HoloHoax, or any mention of Jewish Power in media, government, banking, etc. The same goes for other popular forums such as 'Godlike Productions' and David Icke's Forums.

On ATS, Godlike Productions, David Icke, and other similar "conspiracy" sites, discussion and debate is allowed on virtually any topic imaginable: aliens, reptilians, UFOs, werewolves, vampires, Jesuits, Freemasons, etc. But if you start talking about the power of Organized Jewry or the Holocaust™ Hoax, then don't expect to be around very long. Your account will be quickly suspended and/or IP address blocked from posting, or even accessing the site.

Clearly, the Jewish power structure and thought police have deemed it important to take control of popular conspiracy/anti-NWO forums and message boards, and kosherize the opposition. The aim is that discussion and identification of Oranized Jewry as the ultimate enemy and powers-that-be will be "discredited", marginalized, and confined to the "fringes" of the internet (ie, only on "hate" sites and "anti-semite" forums such as VNN and Stormfront).

And as most everyone knows, organizations such as Vanguard News, Stormfront, and Bill White's American National Socialist Workers' Party are highly suspicious and most certainly Jewish-infiltrated controlled opposition. Therefore, the only voices allowed to reach the masses with the "anti-Jewish" message will be a few Jewish-controlled false opposition organizations that have already been "discredited" in the minds of the masses, giving the (false) appearance that the anti-Jewish movement is a "completely discredited" and very small "fringe" movement.


Charles said...

We spell it with a capital “H” because it represents the single most devastating example of genocide in history. It was not “a holocaust," but the Holocaust. The German government, at that time, spent years systematically exterminating millions of Jews. In addition, this regime murdered millions more "undesirables" (gypsies, homosexuals, political prisoners, Russian prisoners, etc.

But here, let’s focus on the plight of European Jews — the major focus of this genocidal campaign. Because of the way they praised God, millions of innocent people were exterminated like insects. Women, the elderly, the sick and frail, and children were often the first into the gas chambers. Hardy men and women were kept barely alive as slaves, laboring for the military and German industry. When there was no more work, these too were murdered. Some of those German companies exist today, although often under different names.

My mother experienced brutal anti-Semitism as a child in Russia. I heard many stories about the brutal Cossacks who persecuted Jews in the towns and villages of the Ukraine. My mother and her sisters barely survived, and then flourished in America. However, most of her remaining family perished in the Holocaust. So, the Holocaust's tragic lessons are as close as my own family — as close as my own heart.

The Holocaust is a cumbersome stone attached to my soul for eternity. My ancestors cry out for justice. They want you to know what happened to them and their children. But, as a writer, I cannot tell this story without revealing the Holocaust in every possible way. That is why I wrote a novel about people caught up in the Holocaust along with all of the many heroes and villains of that era. I called it, “Jacob's Courage.”

I wrote the novel precisely because I had to continue reaching people with this story. The major challenge we all face is this: Why would anyone want to continue thinking about the Holocaust, particularly when we can turn up our iPods and tune out the world? The answer is: We must remember so that we can help to prevent future genocides.

I am not demeaning the importance of other genocides. Innocents were murdered in Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda and Darfur — men, women and children who were just as blameless as the Jews caught up in the Holocaust. We must work against all of these tragedies. We must continue asking: When will we learn to value the differences among us, rather than fear them? When will we stop ostracizing people because of their religion, race or ethnic heritage?

As a writer and a reader, I appreciate books that offer a frank, emotional and mature examination of morality. Humans are not good or bad — we are good and bad. We surround ourselves with romance and comedy, playing to the healthier parts of our emotional identity. Yet, repugnance, despair and obscurity exist within human nature, as well.

We are complex. We are beautiful and ugly, soothing and terrifying, brutal and caring. We love and we despise. Within the Holocaust, people faced crucial decisions about ethical and moral behavior. In "Jacob's Courage," my characters explore the human response to terror, as well as the alluring beauty of love and the driving power of religious devotion.

Holocaust survivors lost everything, but perhaps somehow gained something as well. Certainly an honest examination of the Holocaust must reveal the brutality and death. This horror led some to curse God. Yet within this almost incomprehensible abyss, many Jews continued to live out their faith, to practice the religion as best they could and even to teach their children to love one another.

In the midst of this despair, there was life, love, passion, desire, religious fervor and the excitement known only to children. Even in such hopeless desolation, there was love of God, infatuation, romance, passion and longing for all of the things that humans crave. Jews refused to allow the fabric of Jewish society to be completely destroyed. Some of the most ardent examples of constructive human nature can be found in these terrifying Holocaust stories.

The human spirit strives for freedom, of course. Yet, if one is to search for a fuller understanding of human nature, then one must descend into the depths of this chapter of history.

We must always tell the stories of the Holocaust. Such stories represent the very worst and sometimes the very best of the human spirit. Some Holocaust stories can teach us how to be a good person. These stories also can teach us to recognize the worst examples of humanity. As long as we teach our children about the Holocaust, there is hope that it will never happen again.

Free speech is not the issue here. The issue is whether we want our grandchildren to grow up in a wold that questions the veracity of the Holocaust. After all, more than 98% of all PhD historians agree that Nazi Germany exterminated millions of innocent Jews. This cannot be questioned. It is as much a fact as is gravity. So, the question is, "Do we want our progeny to deny that which we know to be true?" And, if so, then what would prevent them from perpetrating another Holocaust againt Jews (or any other religion, race or ethnic group? This is not about free speech, it is about preventing future bigotry and racism. We must repeat the truth of the Holocaust to prevent it from happening again.

Charles S. Weinblatt
Author, "Jacob's Courage"

anarchore said...

Thanks for the mention, will be back better than ever with a hosted site! No more putting tons of work into a site only to have the Cohens pull the plug.

The ATS thread is just sickening. What a bunch of unthinking, idiot herd thinkers.

I have seen too many of these progressive gatekeeper types shunning anyone mentioning that there is an Israel Lobby and it has a strong influence on foreign policy in the US and Canada.

Truth wins out in the end however, because it is the truth.

Appollonian is right about Jew subjectivism(what we say goes) vs Christian objective truth and science.

Lone Wolf said...

I've thought about that too, putting all this work into a site with the possibility of it being canned at the whim of some censor at google. But like you said, we do this for the sake of the truth, not personal ego. So while it is terribly aggravating and discouraging, the sacrifice and effort is worth it. And the truth WILL win in the end. And we have done our duty by speaking the truth. Good luck with your new site.

Whitelaw Towers said...

The White Nationalist scene of late has become full to the brim with Kosher Patriots. All I ever hear is "show us the proof" or "Nutzi". My God how much proof does someone need?

Once they see the proof they just say its all a conspiracy. In Australia the Pro Zionist White Nationalist would be applauding the silencing of the critics of Zionism.

When the Jewish task Force Forum openly spoke of recruiting Storm Front members to the cause of Zionism alarm bells should have started to go off.

Makes me rather sick and a tad angry. But even more dedicated to our cause.