Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A New 14 Words

A message of crucial importance from our brother Jeff at In Season - Out of Season:

Just 'cause yer white
Don't make it right
In God's sight - repent or perish.

Acts 2 : 38

Bet it would be a safe bet to say .... you don't like them words at all, now do you ? Well, if you want to honor the other 14 words passed around and make the difference that will count - it will be Gods way. Or destruction.

I've mulled over this for some time and know it is a topic of a sensitive nature to our folk ... but it needs to be put to print. I wanted to take more time and lay out the scripture and logic in such a way that was unmistakably Biblically proven. There are many instances where it's pointed out plain as day - you are with Me (Christ) or against me. Brothers - you know this well as me.

Well, maybe we figure we can bargain with God, you know - work out a side deal. Some are just too "intellectually" evolved to believe such "foolishness" .... and to tell ya God - we really need their numbers. I see exactly the opposite view supported throughout the Bible. What I see is wherein witnessing in Christs' name 2 or 3 times still brings rebuke - shake the dust of their fellowship off yourself and move on.

ARE YOU GOING TO EMBRACE WITH OPEN ARMS THOSE WHO DENY, MOCK AND REVEL IN BLASPHEMING YOUR SAVIOUR ?! Brothers .. we better reconsider this matter. How many years are you willing to partake in Babylons wares, tolerating the wickedness of those who serve other gods ? Odin, Thor, etc... they were our kinsmen and grand deeds they accomplished and so should be remembered as such. But spiritually, our people were still in blindness. In their hearts they had the Word and so to envision a Valhalla was not so far fetched. But we must progress. Do we think that warrior spirit exists only thru them and their ways ? We spend so much time mocking a God we don't even understand.

I'm of a heavy spirit as I write this for I know indeed how it will be received - not well. I'm ready for the ostracizing from my kinsmen, for the name calling, for the threats and back stabbings .... but I will post this nonetheless. Because - I do care for my people. I see what's happening and I see what's coming.

I've always said that I do not believe in a rapture .... but that's not entirely true. There is one coming. Folks can scoff at what they cannot see or don't have any faith in. God would not impose such serious consequences without giving His people (Anglo Saxon and kindred white folk) ample warning. I could not be at peace with myself (in as much as one can knowing of such sorrow) or with God if I did not do all I could to sound the alarm.

God has specific requirements for us and simple instructions to avoid the sweeping bloodshed that is coming. It will be worldwide and it will be sudden. Many who least expect it will have an awful realization one day soon as all these things finally come to a head. And at warp speed.

You can carry proudly in your mind your judaized version of Christianity to ridicule and despise. I'll not try and bolster the Word up as militant or an adherant to all that is right .... you humble yourself before God and learn of Him. Or keep on goosestepping in your armament, dig your grave a lil deeper with yer "jew on a stick" talk as you strive for your Reich. NOT GONNA HAPPEN ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH BUDDY ! You underestimate God and His servants.

I had about 30 scriptures to tie in but wont. Regrettably, in this respect my faith is failing. Pride and arrogance is too deeply rooted in our unrepentant hearts and minds, so much so that nothing less than utter decimation will break us. Well, get ready for just that.

Alpo - you be sure to scurry out and spread the news and don't hurt yourself in all your rush 'n excitement. I aint going anywhere.

Matthew 12: 48 - 50
" For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in Heaven, the same is my brother,sister and mother."

Psalm 133 : 1

Is it ME causing dissention in the ranks or YOU ? Brothers in Christ - what would be your words to Christ concerning these matters ? Even now He watches for those who will stand in the gap. How will we explain ? The blood guiltiness is off my hands.

Ezekiel 33 : 1 - 9


On the decline of the West - The only solution to our situation as a people is getting right with our Creator

The Blueprint for White Victory: The Holy Bible


Wheeler MacPherson said...

I agree completely. And I am committed to using some of my time - every day - to calling our people to repentance and faith. I suspect that more of us are being compelled by God's Spirit to redeem the time wisely.

You've correctly named one of the most disturbing patterns in White Nationalist behavior: the approved slander of our Christian faith. And this faith - the TRUE faith, not the despicable judeoxtian counterfeit - built the very society which coddles those doing the slandering.

Forums like Stormfront have such potential for doing good for our people...but they continue to allow (and even encourage) the mockery of the only One Who can lead us to victory.

This is a reminder that not all those who are of Israel are true Israelites. And there IS an appropriate time to shake the dust from our feet.

Thank you for your work for our people, brother.

apollonian said...

[I'd like to submit below-copied as answer to the guy fm In Season--Out of Season, or whatever; it's honest contribution which makes lots more sense. Honest Christians DON'T CENSOR other Christians. A.]

* * * * *

Fighting The Mammon Beast Can Be Hopeless Thing--Patriots Need True Christian Inspiration, Epiphany
(Apollonian, 17 Feb 09)

Indeed yes (see KentuckyannaTrueNews.blogspot.com, "US Army...," 16 Feb 09), and these immigrants in US Army will be willing to fire upon US citizens--why not?--when the time comes, soon enough now.

And all this incredible treason is approved by US Congress, bought, bribed, and extorted by the criminal COUNTERFEITING conspirators behind the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see RealityZone.com for expo/ref.

What a fool-proof system, Criminal Jews get anything they want by means of COUNTERFEITING and buying EVERYTHING and everyone. Anyone who doesn't go along is then simply tortured and/or assassinated by hired, professional murderers of CIA or MOSSAD.

And Criminals don't have to worry--they have politicians bought and bribed--they own the "Jews-media" to lie to the people; they also have all the judges bought and bribed. When u control the COUNTERFEIT machine; u control and rule--EVERYTHING--u're practically God. And bureaucrats and public education is also in their pocket--EVERYTHING.

Only problem is when finally u do TOO MUCH counterfeiting, and now everything is going bust--like now--it's CYCLIC phenomenon, u know, according to Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West."

Is there any solution to such criminal conspiracy?--probably not--they finally just end up falling-out against one another as evermore criminals want to get in on the game. But for sure, the only thing that's ever helped REMOVE Judeo-conspirators (see TheNewAmerican.com for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) is Christian-inspired Jew-Expulsion.

Unfortunately Jew counterfeiters own the "Christians" (the official, establishment, anyway), like the pope, too, so Christianity has to resurge, revive, and resurrect itself by means of revolution. Of what then will this Christian "revolution" consist?

(a) Christianity must understand it defends human Reason--it's NOT against it.
(b) "Faith" merely means LOYALTY--it's not a rival method to human reason.
(c) Foremost Christian virtue is HONESTY, NOT "love." "Love" is only for friends.
(d) Christianity is Anti-Semitism (anti-Talmudic, as Gosp. Mark 7:1-13), and it's best to be up-front and HONEST (again) about it.

These afore-mentioned are necessary tenets of the new, real, true, revolutionary Christianity which will win the people, unite them, and lead to liberating, refreshing Jew-Expulsion which is what the world so desperately needs.

Thus Jews being the crux-core of the problem, Jew-expulsion will decapitate that basic, ruling criminal conspiracy which so bedevils this pathetic world of stupid, brain-dead morons who tolerate these Jew murderers, the morons merely paid-off with a few shekels fm the Jews.

CONCLUSION: But to get to these filthy Judeo-conspirators, the master-minds, patriots must first dis-able and neutralize the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo/ref.) hereticalists who guard their Jew-leaders so lovingly, so reliably. And that's why a new, real, and true Christianity, above-analyzed, much more rationalist-oriented, is necessary to remove these idiot JC hereticalists, first, necessary step to life-saving Jew-expulsion. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Alpo - first off, there isn't but 3 Christians in this comment section and you aren't one of them. You are too dense to even realize you prove the case against yourself.

I've never censored you (but will now). In fact, I went to that Phadreus(or whatever) blog and recopied your slanderous words on my blog.

You are prone to such backbiting and scurrying about foaming at the mouth.

You're doing nothing but preaching to the choir about the jews, as if you alone have insight. Boy, you're not even close to seeing the big picture.

(there he goes about some pharisee big picture)

Let me spell it out so even a derelict such as yourself can grasp it - God is using the jew to punish us and turn us back to Him.

But I'm convinced you know this. THIS is the message the jew doesn't want to get out. As long as we're disobedient, they will thrive.

Yours can be the last word here as I'll not trash up a great blog.
The line is being drawn ever more clearly in the sand for all to see ... which is a good thing.

Told ya - the Bible is the only litmus test & filter we have that is infallible for weeding out the infiltrators amongst us.

Lone Wolf said...


As I'm sure you know, by allowing his comment, I'm not taking apollonian's side in any disagreement between you two. Rather, I'm just allowing him to air his point of view.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Lone Wolf - I got no gripes with you brother ... I understand you. Carry on our Father's work.