Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Knowledge of Jewish power and machinations high in the Asian world - Books on the Jewish Question are bestsellers

Organized Jewry exhibits much less control over the media and important societal institutions in the far east. Therefore, there is free and open public discussion of the reality of the power of Organized Jewry, and books and literature on the subject are bestsellers. This is true in Korea, Japan, China, Indonesia, etc. The same is true, of course, in Middle Eastern nations such as Iran and Pakistan.

Thus, the most important nations in the non-Western world, including virtually all of the Middle Eastern and Asian world, are vigorously debating and very knowledgeable of the power of international Jewry. And yet the Jewish-controlled Western media would have us believe (as in the garbage piece below) that this belief of Jewish power has absolutely no basis in reality, and is just all the work of some mass hysteria and inexplicable "blind hatred" for Jews on the part of "foaming at the mouth conspiracy theorists and anti-semites."

story: "Asia's Jewish myths"

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