Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jewish propagandist rag Newsweek: "We are all Socialists Now", New era of big government is here to stay

"We will have our communist world dictatorship whether you like it or not." --Organized Jewry

ABOVE: cover of the latest edition of Newsweek magazine

"Whether we like it or not—or even whether many people have thought much about it or not—the numbers clearly suggest that we are headed in a more European direction. A decade ago U.S. government spending was 34.3 percent of GDP, compared with 48.2 percent in the euro zone—a roughly 14-point gap, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. In 2010 U.S. spending is expected to be 39.9 percent of GDP, compared with 47.1 percent in the euro zone—a gap of less than 8 points. As entitlement spending rises over the next decade, we will become even more French."

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