Monday, February 16, 2009

Jewish-controlled communist Democrats coming for our guns - H.R. 45 - National Firearms Licensing



Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Aah brother, you always have so many good posts I would be commenting on all if any ! I've referred more people to your blog than mine.

How will people be able to trust one another trading for guns/ammo/parts off the grid once more draconian controls are in place ?

Like my son used to always ask - why do yall need all them guns anyhow ... you can't shoot but one at a time ?

Yes, my wet behind the ears lad, but whilst the others are cooling down for another go - the festivities shall continue !

No downtime ! Forward.

Lone Wolf said...

Jeff...I'm stocking up on ammo right now, especially since Obama and the Dems plan on taxing the hell out of hopefully I won't be needing to trade for it any time soon.

Things are getting serious. It looks like patriots will have to make some gut-wrenching decisions in the near future on whether to license and hand in their weapons, or defy the tyrants and defend our rights.

And thanks for the referrals.