Monday, February 23, 2009

A HoloHoax tale and a story of Nazi Yetis and Schindler Squirrels

The Holocaust, a tale of Yetis, and speaking at universities

Another Holocaust Tale

Ms Cukier Spoke At An Exclusive College In Malta

What's Her Holocaust Tale?

Faye Cukier, was a Polish Jew. She claimed her family lived in Belgium, in a hidden basement apartment, for six years. "I lost my youth while hiding," Cukier said. "I've tried to recapture it through writing my story."

Yet as the Nazis' methods of "weeding out" Jews became more brutal, the Cukiers were forced to go underground. A Belgian family hid them. The family spent years in fear of being discovered -- and in desperation as supplies dwindled and hunger set in.Once, the Gestapo paid a surprise visit to the family hiding in the apartment below. "The father jumped out of the window, and they shot him in mid-air." Then they took the man's wife and daughter away, Faye said.

What's The Big Deal?

Some clown says she "Hide in the basement" for six years, so who cares. The point is that some fool dean at a distinguished school in Malta allowed this fleabag to spin her silly tales. Seeing thousands of Jews killed in Kristallnacht, Nazis shooting Jews, or whatever, to a bunch of naive students.

My Personal Story Is Much More Terrifying

Why not allow me to tell my story of horror. My family was kidnapped by Yetis while vacationing at Yellowstone. I hide in a tree for three years, only surviving because squirrels fed me nuts. I watched as a family of Yetis ate 300 tourists. When a wildfire struck, the Yetis all ran to the river, and I ran to the ranger station.


From Lese Majeste on February 23, 2009

Everyone knows Yetis are "anti-Semitic."
They all should be hunted down and forced to listen to holohoax stories read by Alan Dirtbagowitz while Abe Fartman picks their pocket.

From Dov Wisenheimer on February 23, 2009

That's nothing.
Some very nice people in Kracow hid my aunt Ida in their home after she escaped from the camp where she was gassed four times but survived. When she showed up at this home she only weighed 20 lbs. When the Nazis came looking for her, she quickly disguised herself as a turkey and hid in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, after the Nazis searched the entire house, they decided to look in the refrigerator for something to eat. When they saw the "turkey" they demanded the lady of the house cook it. What could she do? If they found out the turkey was really my aunt, the whole family would have been taken to the camp, so reluctantly, she cooked the "bird" and everyone had to eat it as not to arouse suspition. One of the Nazis even made a comment about how the turkey tasted like chicken.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know basements had windows to jump out of, funny place belgium eh?!

Lone Wolf said...

Britain Awake - I didn't catch that. Good call.

Anonymous said...

If they're gonna make tales up, they should at least make them plausible...

It's absolutely nonsensical!

Perhaps the dizzy old bitch has full-blown alzheimers, her story makes no sense whatsoever!

Regards the bloke shot in 'mid-air', If she was referring to the father of the family who was harbouring them, then what happened after the wife and daughter were taken away?

The jewish cockroaches hiding in the cellar will have had the house to themselves...

What a way to inherit a house!

How did they feed themselves once the family had been 'dispatched', if they could go down the grocers and purchase food, why were they in hiding in the first place?

Like most jewish bullshit, to question it's validity just brings accusations of anti-semitism and all the other assorted bullshit that comes with it.

I feel sorry for the poor family...

But thats what happens when you let vermin into your home i suppose!