Thursday, February 5, 2009

Holocaustianity part of Roman Catholic dogma - Jewry pressures Ratzinger to demand Bishop Williamson recant 'holocaust denial'

Knowing that the masses of people are, by-and-large, sheep who follow perceived authority, the Jewish strategy for perpetuating the Holohoax™ dogma among the masses is one of appeal to authority. They can't allow anyone of prominence denying the Holohoax™ to maintain an appearance of "legitimacy," or else the masses may start to follow that person's lead. Thus, anyone of any prominence (serious authors, researchers, academics, well-known politicians or preachers, etc) who denies the Holohoax™ is subject to career and character assassination in order to "de-legitimize" them...and then, if necessary, threats and criminal prosecution to silence them.

article: "Vatican turnaround: Holocaust denier must recant"


Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson Denies 'Holocaust' Fraud -No Gas Chambers, '6 million' figure a gross exaggeration -German prosecutors launch probe

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anarchore said...

Yep.. people need to study Carl Sagans BS detection kit, argument from authority would be rejected outright by people with the proper mental self-defense skills. As it is, the Jews have disarmed us by dumbing down the whole culture. Intellectualism is just not 'cool'.