Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Department of Homeland Security's Operation "ENDGAME" - martial law and elimination of American patriots

In light of recent developments (ie, looming mass civil unrest, troops preparing for martial law inside the U.S.) Organized Jewry may may be looking to make a final move against American patriots in the very near future. Based on the following article, approximately one million American patriots are now on a Jewish Occupied Government (JOG) list, targetted for "removal"...with detention camps, railcars with shackles, and all sorts of legislation and executive orders (authorizing martial law, secret arrests and trials) in place to facilitate this goal.

Things look like they are coming to a head. It may be years before they make their final move. Or it could be months or weeks. My advise for patriots: This is war. Stock up on ammunition, and storable food. Obtain CB radios to maintain communication should internet and phone communications be cut. Network with like-minded individuals in your area, and plan actions to be taken when TSHTF. Most importantly, get your 'spiritual' house in order, and prepare yourself to fight to the end for all that you hold dear. Lastly, I would mention that we have been on the defensive for too long. It's time to go on the offensive. Start compiling lists of jews, traitors, and other important targets in your area, to be dealt with at the appropriate time.



US Orders Project ENDGAME To Begin, 775,000 Americans Targeted For Arrest


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

"Most importantly, get your 'spiritual' house in order, and prepare yourself to fight to the end for all that you hold dear."

Certainly agree with you brother. Whether it be next week or next year, rather than scoff as some will ... saying it will never happen, we should thank God for every day we have to prepare.

Physically 'n spiritually.

Hope folks are really
"getting their head around" what is coming. There is no use compiling a stash just to have it confiscated, if the willingness and dedication isn't there to actually put them into use.

I have 2 copies of Turner Diaries somewhere ... I'd be happy if I could find just ONE of 'em !

Remember the beginning scenario, when all the former
"tuff talkers" meekly submitted ? Prison should not be an option one willingly submits to.

I don't think most folks will be able to flee anywhere but will be forced into seige situations. As depicted in your link, I see them cordoning off whole sections and doing sweeps. Road blocks, etc.

I see evidence everyday of folks digging in. People online seeking fencing, barbed wire, concrete barriers, any and all ammo 'n guns.

Believe it was Mosby (and certainly many others) who said that he mainly drew his material needs from the enemy. Opportunities must not be lost.

Christ is our strength and whether each one of us survives the day to day, or not ... we have assurance of a better resurrection. And with His continueing help, we will give a good account of ourselves.

We also must be aware of the increasing potential for the "rats" amongst us.

Vigilance 24/7

Lone Wolf said...

Jeff, I haven't read the Turner Diaries. On a related note, I hear that 'H.A. Covington' (of the Northwest Homeland movement and "Thoughtcrime" blog) has an excellent novel, "The Brigade" I believe, similar to the Turner Diaries but much better.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

T.D. was written by William Pierce under the pseudenym of Andrew McDonald ... but you probably knew this. Have not heard of this book you mention but will check your link out - thanks.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

I met Mr. Pierce at a talk in either Richmond or DC - can't remember which.
I'm aware he was anti - christian, and that includes CI also ... which he mocks in "Hunter."
But I still thought T.D. was an exciting read.

Just ordered the Brigade so maybe soon I can see for myself.
Appreciate the heads up.

Lone Wolf said...

No problem Jeff. I haven't read "The Brigade" either, and only mentioned it because you brought up the Turner Diaries. Let me know what you think of it once you've read it. I understand it's part of a series of novels. Hopefully one can not have too much difficulty getting into it without having read the prior books.