Saturday, February 28, 2009

Construction workers find mass grave of 2,000 ethnic Germans in Polish town - Polish public shows compassion; German media whitewashes and suppresses

So many millions of ethnic Germans were massacred and killed during WWII, that rain eroding soil and site work for construction exposes the skeletons and mass graves of Germans to this day. This is the kind of thing the Holohoaxers falsely, that "rain continues to expose jewish skulls from jewish mass graves" (eg, at Treblinka and Auschwitz). But the reality is that virtually zero mass graves of any Jews can be found - conclusively demonstrated, for example, at Treblinka (where the Holohoaxers claim some 750,000-850,000 Jews were murdered and buried in mass graves) when a team of Australian scientists conducted a detailed forensic examination of the area with ground penetrating radar and found absolutely no evidence of any mass graves. Meanwhile REAL mass graves of Germans are being found regularly over the years.

This was the REAL "holocaust" and mass genocide of WWII in Europe - the mass genocide of millions of ethnic Germans (as admitted even in the NY Times article below) during and after the war by the jewish-controlled Soviets and jewish-controlled Allies. In the place of this real genocide, Jewry erected the diversion and smokescreen of the "6 million jewish holocaust" legend. In order to hide the reality of what happened in WWII, the Jewish-controlled media and establishment works overtime to suppress and hide the real evidence (never allowing the Germans to be seen as the victims that they truly are), and to maliciously slander and defame the German people with vicious lies about how these historically noble and honorable people allegedly "exterminated 6 million jews in death factories."


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Anonymous said...

So many millions of ethnic Germans were massacred and killed during WWII...

This was happening before WW2 mate!

Hitler invaded to stop the massacre!

Lone Wolf said...

Britain Awake - yes, you're right. I know...the massacres of ethnic Germans in Poland.

Robert said...