Thursday, February 19, 2009

Author of fraudulent Holohoax Survivor™ love story, "Angel at the Fence", won't apologize - Says he "didn't lie", still believes story is true

And Oprah is still featuring the book prominently in her book club. Who else but a jew could get away with this? Oh, and let's not forget that Hollywood still plans on making a film out of this story:

"...producer Harris Salomon, who still plans an adaptation of the book" --source (see 4th to last paragraph of article)

Chutzpah in the extreme. Hell, in 10 years, after incessant propaganda, the Jews will probably switch and claim the story is true and anyone who questions it is an 'anti-semite', guessing we will have just forgotten about the fact that it's a hoax.

story: "Author of fake Holocaust story is not sorry, says in his mind he believed it"


"Angel at the Fence" - Another bogus Holocaust Survivor™ story exposed as a hoax

Former leading representative of "holocaust survivors" in Spain admits he is an impostor and was never even in a camp

Alleged "holocaust survivor" Misha Defonseca admits story of escaping the Nazis by trekking across Europe and living with wolves was a hoax

Holohoax tear-jerker - poor Moshe Peer - gassed six times by the Nazis and survived

"The Fifth Diamond" - Yet another absurd new Holocaust Survivor™ memoir - coming to a bookstore and theater near you soon

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