Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Aide to British Foreign Secretary and jew David Miliband arrested for anti-jewish remarks

Jewish organizations and the Jewish-controlled media would have us be "outraged" and "appalled" at this. For what? Because he expressed his opinion about a particular group of people? Well we can't have that. It's "racist" and "evil" to have a negative opinion about any non-white group, no matter if it's factual or justified. Now if he would have said "f**king Americans!", "f**king Europeans!", "f**king British", or "f**king whites!" I'm sure there would be no problem at all. Only niceties and worshipful praise can be uttered about the Jews and the non-whites they bring to our lands in order to destroy us. But if you want to spew hatred at whites or Christianity or Western civilization in general, then the law does not apply. That's kosher, and in fact sanctioned by the state.


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Anonymous said...

Censorship gone ridiculously awry. Had the language been reserved for Iraqis or Iranians, no one would have batted an eye. This just show how much "criticism of Israel = inciting hatred" mentality is so ingrained in western societies today. And this is of course directly linked to the myth which is the Holocaust.