Saturday, January 10, 2009

On the Heretical Two, Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle - Legal Update, official website, jail contact info

Heretical Two's Website: The Heretical Press

Legal Update:

The asylum proceedings are not scheduled to be held until March:

The first immigration court session was held on September 17 with Bruce Leichty as defence attorney. The judge claimed that she did not have the power to release the Heretical Two under the defensive procedures adopted by the US authorities. The ‘asylum-only proceedings’ for the Heretical Two was heard by immigration judge, Rose Peters, on October 14. The move by their attorney to get them released before the ruling on asylum was denied by the judge, whose reasoning appeared contradictory. At the ‘calendar meeting’ of the immigration court on Thursday 13 November - the judge set the merits (main) appeal for three afternoons in blocks of four hours from 2 pm on March 10, 12 and 24 of 2009. It therefore looks very likely that the H2 will spend at least another 4 months in prison in the USA for activities in America which the British government now deems to be crimes, i.e. exercising the right to free speech, but which ironically are not held to be crimes under American law. Simon's retrial on the outstanding six charges, one charge was dropped, was held in his absence, as the British government was not prepared to wait for the outcome of the political asylum proceedings in the US. The new trial commenced on Monday December 8 at Leeds Crown Court and was deferred on December 22 to January 5, 2009 - the following day the jury went out to deliberate and on January 8 found Simon guilty on three counts relating to Tales of the Holocaust and later in the day, by a majority verdict on two charges relating to Don't be Sheeple - even Professor Rabkin's cogent arguments that the Jews were a religion and not a race had failed to impress the jury. Although the establishment have so far managed to contain news on the case to cold, slanted and shameless reports in the Yorkshire and Lancashire press, without any discussion of any of the many issues arising the case, the Heretical Two are, at least, getting some publicity at last.

Contact Info:

They are currently being held under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) System at Santa Ana Jail, P.O. Box 22003, Santa Ana, CA 92701, USA. Simon's prison number is 0800006404 and Stephen's number is 0800006408. Please write, but do not place return address stickers on envelopes; all labels are removed and they would be unable to reply.


Sheppard, Simon 0800006404
c/o Santa Ana Jail
P.O. Box 22003
Santa Ana, CA 92701 USA

Whittle, Stephen 0800006408
c/o Santa Ana Jail
P.O. Box 22003
Santa Ana, CA 92701 USA

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Anonymous said...

these two guys can write!!! Man, are they right on the money. Amazing their common sense and calling a spade a spade is illegal in england. No wonder our founding fathers flipped england the finger and made our country. england is controlled by faggots.