Thursday, December 4, 2008

Your papers please - Britain edges towards total police state - new law requires presentation of ID to police upon request

The Jewish powers-that-be claim that this new law is needed to "fight illegal immigration." Talk about chutzpah. Just how stupid do they think we are? The U.K. government has for years not only refused to enforce existing laws against illegal immigration, but has been secretly "legalizing" illegal aliens -- with those who expose this treason, like shadow immigration minister Damian Green, arrested and investigated for "terrorism."

So think about it. If an indigenous white British citizen resists this tyranny, and refuses to lick the boots of the Jews and present their ID card to the JOGbot cops, they will be thrown in prison for 4 years. This for a law supposedly designed to prevent illegals from entering the country. Meanwhile...real illegal foreigners will by-and-large be given immunity from this law, and continued free reign to flood into the country and transform it into a Third World hell-hole.


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