Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Irene Zisblatt's incredible Hoaxacaust tale- Ate and retrieved diamonds from feces, had 2 post-sterilization children, weighed 40 lbs when liberated

"Zis is da vey I svallowed ze diamonds..."

Hungarian Jew Irene Zisblatt is a Holyhoax superstar and has a story for the ages.

Irene has a "memoir" called "The Fifth Diamond" which "documents" her tale.

As a prisoner in the concentration camps including Auschwitz-Birkenau, Irene says she witnessed and experienced unspeakable cruelty and brutality.

She lost her entire family of 40 members in the gas chambers.

She was a "guinea pig" for Dr. Josef Mengele, who performed inhumane experiments on her.

Irene claims she had chemicals injected in her eyeballs by Dr. Mengele, and miraculously gave birth to two children despite attempted sterilization by the Nazis.

Mengele also removed the tatto on her arm.

She was almost skinned and turned into a lamp shade for the infamous Isle Koch.

Irene's mother gave her four diamonds before they were taken to the concentration camps to be used to buy bread should she ever find herself hungry during the war.

Irene kept the diamonds from being confiscated by the Nazis by repeatedly swallowing them and retrieving them from her feces.

One time she says she had to swallow them right after retrieving them from her excrement without washing them off.

Miraculously, Irene says she escaped not only the "death" camp of Auschwitz, but also a "death march" of "3 months trudging through the snow in the dead of winter", and "weighed only 40 pounds" at 14 years old when "rescued."

Irene didn't say a word about her "experiences" for 50 years, then finally decided to tell her tale.

Steven Spielberg liked her story so much he even put her in his Oscar-winning Holocaust "documentary" called "The Last Days."

Irene Zisblatt's website

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Anonymous said...

i have a completely opposite feeling about her and her story, i had the privledge of hearing her story in person, and i found it very moving, im not sure how you think its a hoax, but even if it is or not, its still a touching story, and if she made it up than she will have to live with herself for it. Otherwise i still think it is true, im not sure how a person could make up something like that and still feel bearable to live, you might would like to try to see her in person maybe you would start to think its true also. I understand about some of the things like about the swallowing diamonds, but they had to do things to survive, and maybe that was one of her things.

Anonymous said...

I heard her story...and so? I am sorry she had a hard time. Who hasn't? Look at those poor children in Cambodia being sodomized...and that is TODAY! I see it that she is now making millions off gulable Americans - the British did not buy - otherwises they would not have sued her. School children find her boring with her spurious story - AND not impressed with her story. How convenient her friend died. What about the americans who saved her? Where are they? There were no American where she was - Russians yes - not Americans.Her tatoo? Another lie - no evidence of that. Even if she removed as she claims - scars would show. Finally, she is evil she has the courage to stand at the pulpit acting so innocent this poor victim yet did not hesitate to a poor single mother in distress and in disgrace by turning her in - to put it mildly..... I will leave it at that for fear of further reprisal.

Anonymous said...

........ what the heck is wrong with all of you???

Anonymous said...

i'm 15 and you think this is bullshit? you better be older than i am, because hopefully you'll die before i do so the world can be rid of one less skeptic that lives with their face as close to the ground as possible. why don't you look up every once in a while and listen to the message of the holocaust survivors instead of immediately claim that it's a load of crap?

Anonymous said...

Apparently some people will swallow anything.

Anonymous said...

learned a lot

Anonymous said...

She can take those diamonds and shove them up her arse. No wait, she did that! What a disgusting story she would fantasize about defecating diamonds and then fishing through her shit to find them! It is pornographic trash being shoved down the throats of school children, just like eLIE WEASEL's "Night". Science and common sense should expose these stinking liars. Just because they pretend to be victims, doesn't mean you have to respect them!