Thursday, December 25, 2008

We have no anticipation that the powers of darkness will be triumphant

Any victory the enemy has will only be temporary and fleeting. Message is just as relevant today as 1965:


By: Dr. Wesley Swift

As we turn in these turbulent hours in which we live to talk about Mysteries and Symbols of God's Kingdom, it must be understood that we are living in a period of time when every attempt will be made to obscure the background of Race by all the World Order, and all the powers of darkness know that they must defeat the Kingdom of God if they are to hold the earth. They recognize and know who you are, they know more about what you are here for than many of your own Clergy. And because of this they are seeking to stifle an area of remembrance of your origin, of the instructions of your God, and to get you to embrace the Universal god, a Multitude of gods, a World Order which would swallow up the Kingdom. We are however not disturbed as to the outcome of these events, we have no anticipation that the powers of Darkness which out number us in the World, will be triumphant. We have no fears tonight that this great nation is going to be swept from the face of the earth, or that a World Government or a 'Great Society' such as those already bemused and brainwashed would suggest is going to replace the great nations of God's Kingdom subordinating us to the masses of Africa or Asia, or to the forces of Anti‑Christ whose blueprint has been understood. Their very thoughts and the thoughts of those behind the areas of this design have been known unto the MOST HIGH from the beginning. Thus the direction of the MOST HIGH GOD thru the lips of prophecy, thru the patterns of inspiration, thru those he caused to record have given us the blueprint and a pattern of things which are coming to pass today. There is nothing designed even in the camps of the Darkness which has not been known . . . foreknown by the MOST HIGH GOD, who knows how to compensate from these areas of error with spiritual charging power upon those who constitute His Household, to awaken them out of their sleep, to challenge them to accomplish the purposes He has ordained. I can assure you that HE can throw in the necessary ingredients to bring about the results that HE wants whether He has to send in the hornets to move people. He can send in the hornets as Biblical records have shown us or HE can create the situation where an individual is very, very glad to go. . .whether by a great storm or the Great Fish, whether it be natural disorders and catastrophes or whether it be the great spiritual awakening in the consciousness of man that so fills him with the desire to fulfill his responsibilities to His Father, to His Eternal God, and to those who are HIS Household that he carries forward his responsible orders. There are many things which are mysteries in the Scripture, the reason why they are mysteries is because God intended them to be mysteries. HE records Mysteries, HE even tells Mysteries, and those Mysteries can only be understood by those who have the key. Jesus said:...'I speak unto you in mysteries (Parables) so that they will not understand...but to you that understanding is given...For unto you is given to know the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God, to them it is not given.' With this declaration Jesus demonstrated that thru all areas of discrimination, a discrimination which moves into areas of religious and spiritual knowledge and understanding which must be the greatest discrimination of all. In this instance God makes it quite clear that HE does not intend to permit the swine to trample upon Truth, nor the areas of conspiracy, of darkness to understand the entity of Spiritual purpose that they will be able to seek to thwart by their actions the activities and developments which HE has ordained. God said He would not keep the enemy informed, He would not give to them the capacity to understand that which belonged to HIS Household..... Only to you The Children of Light would be given understanding of things which HE declares. Therefore, we discover this declaration:...'Unto you it is given to know the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, unto them it is not given.'

Therefore unto you who are His Household, His children it is given unto you to understand the Mysteries of the Kingdom. To the Race which HE established in earth to build His Kingdom...He marked by symbols and measures, their existence in earth throughout the courses of time. And for this cause HE makes it quite clear that He has not opened up the minds of His enemies, those who are the progeny, or the mutations among men of the Luciferian line, and in their unassimilatable offspring. They lack the capacity in the seat of their consciousness to understand the Wisdom of God, or to receive even the Message that HE speaks. Tho they would hear His words, they hear them not as they are unveiled by the MOST HIGH, and they do not reach the consciousness of the Individuals. Jesus said to the Jews on Solomon's porch:...'Ye believe not because you cannot understand my words even tho you hear them.' It was not the purpose of the MOST HIGH GOD to bring Revelation to the sons of Lucifer, and HE makes this quite clear. If you turn to the Book of Corinthians then Apostle Paul talks about the Mysteries and Oracles of God. And in this declaration he makes this also clear that there is a responsibility which belongs unto the true ministers of Christ, for these ministers are the Stewards of the Mysteries of God. If you do not think there are any Mysteries of God it is because this has not been brought to the attention of your ears. And if there are ministers today who say there are no Mysteries, it is because they do not have the discernment to know what these Mysteries are. This is one of the great problems of our time, for we are living in the church age of Laodicea in prophecy. We find an institution rich and increased with goods as it relates to an area of Cathedrals and churches, to authority, power and influence, but they lack the spiritual discernment which is vital and necessary. A church, or even a political institution which tries to go it in the middle of the road...being neither hot nor cold, then it is worth nothing in the House of God, for Jesus said He would spew such out of His mouth. There is no doubt but that in this hour the Laodicean church attempts to get along with everything, and everybody, to embrace everything for prestige, authority and for comfort. But I want you to know that the greatness of society and the magnitude of God's Kingdom is not built for those who seek comfort, but for those of you who have vision to expend yourselves in these areas of vision, until this vision so fills them in their being that they move forward in a constant vision and surge of energy and power until they pick up the movement of their vision in the challenge of their God.

I want you to know that in this hour there are a great number of people who are already somewhat stirred by the things of God. They are beginning to realize that God's Kingdom is tangible and it is real. They are also aware of the situations which relate to earth. They would like to see the Kingdom advance, they would like to see Righteousness and Justice return. They would like to see the forces of darkness eliminated, and they would like to see the end of error and evil in high places of Government. They would like to see the lifting of the burden of taxation, they would like to see a society which measures up to the standards of God's Kingdom, but they would also like to be very careful in doing those things lest it hurt them personally or financially, lest in taking their stand they find themselves criticized by people in authority. I want you to know that the Kingdom of God calls for individuals to be totally willing to expend all things. God has given them Stewardship and they must be willing to throw in all their energies, their vitality, and all that relates to their abilities to accomplish the objectives of God. That does not mean that He wants to take anything from you, for He wants you to be blessed with all good things. He said:...'I will fill thy mouth with good things. I will pour out such a blessing upon you that your barns will not be able to contain it.' For you are the Household of God, a Marching Kingdom...Pilgrims and strangers in the earth as far as the World Order is concerned, but you are here to occupy. Therefore there are times when God challenges His people to lay their lives on the line, but also to expend their energies and be perfectly willing to pour everything in their hands into the occupation of the Kingdom knowing that with the success of the Kingdom there is a Restoration unto them of all the things God hath promised them. That anything they have lost will be restored many times forward. For it is the Campaign, it is the purpose, it is the accomplishment that is the most important thing. What is this accomplishment? ....but that the Kingdom of God shall take over this World, that the Kingdoms of this world shall become the Kingdoms of our LORD and His Christ. That every knee shall bow and every tongue proclaim that HE is YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA (God). And as to that hour we watch as HE proclaims that 'I shall acknowledge these my sons and my daughters. I shall cause the world to know that I have loved thee. I shall raise thee to the standards of responsibility and you shall sit with me in the seats of authority, you shall reign over the earth from one end to the other.

Of course once in a while I hear someone say:...but we don't want to see anything which will push aside the rights of other races and other people. better wake up for you did not come down here to preserve the rights and privileges of the Luciferian camp, of superstition and darkness and of Witchdoctors. The MOST HIGH sent you into the world to establish a kingdom, He brought you into the world to accomplish one thing, to liberate the people of earth from bondage, to overthrow all the works of the Devil.


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Orion said...

It's always the darkest before the dawn, and the dawn is soon to come. RIP, Pastor Swift.

Merry Christmas, My Friend. Keep up the great work, I'm proud to have you on my blogroll.

Lone Wolf said...

Thanks for the kind words Orion. Please keep up the good fight with your blog as well. Many in our movement seem to "burn out" and give up too easily for whatever reason. We need more soldiers like Mr. Swift who are truly committed for the long haul in this epic struggle.