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A Visit with Sylvia Stolz at Heidelberg Prison - "Germany’s freedom is so important to me that I am prepared to sacrifice my own personal freedom"


A Visit with Sylvia Stolz at Heidelberg Prison on 10 November 2008

by Gerard Menuhin – Translated by J M Damon

Following is a remarkable account written by a prominent Jewish anti-Zionist Germanophile, the son of one of the greatest concert violinists of all time, who has been savagely attacked by Zionist Jews.

As he enters the Heidelberg Justizvollzugsanstalt (prison complex) the visitor first comes to a counter protected by bulletproof glass, where he has to surrender his personal identification and visitor’s permit.

[Translator: Justizvollzugsanstalt literally “justice-carrying-out-institution:” who says German-Orwellian Newspeak lacks fantasy?]

Then the visitor has to hand over his mobile telephone, and everything is locked away in a drawer. After that he is led upstairs into a narrow waiting room, where his overcoat and wallet are locked in a storage compartment. Finally he is led through another room and into the visiting room.

The matron in charge is correct and even sympathetic as she sits down at her little table in the corner. In a little while Sylvia Stolz enters the room, wearing a dark skirt.

Her appearance is familiar from numerous photos I have seen in newspapers and TV. Her open countenance, youthful bearing and clear girlish voice also seem familiar. On the surface she appears calm and unperturbed. After a quick handshake we sit down on opposite sides of the long table.

Again a thought occurs to me that everyone should keep in mind: this German woman has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison for uttering unlawful opinions -- sentenced by a German judicial system that imposes milder sentences on foreigners who murder German citizens in Germany.

In an interview, Attorney Stolz once observed: “Germans are not inclined to chastise others.”

In view of the anti German propaganda that the Zionists and Gutmenschen (hypocritical moralizers) spin out like prayer wheels, it is enlightening to place Silvia’s observation in its historical context.

Sylvia, a vegetarian, cannot bear to see animals suffer. She came to politics by way of her observations and convictions in protecting animals.

Her sympathy for tormented animals led her to protest their cruel treatment in experimentation and mass breeding. She has to admit that mere protest and argumentation have not been successful in putting an end to such practices. The same is true of the struggle for a legitimate constitution and human rights (such as freedom of opinion and research.)

Sylvia thinks that in the liberation struggle against the repression of historical truth, the best target for attack is the criminal justice system, since that is where official repression begins.

Tangible and concrete arguments are essential. In her opinion, there is not much point to representative parliamentarianism, since present so-called democracy serves to repress rather than liberate.

She points out that present day political parties are exposed to tremendous pressure. The parties are similar and interchangeable, and they have little interest in anything other than holding on to patronage and power. They are unable to do the right thing even when they perceive what the right thing is.

Thus, the constant threats of banishment have deformed the NPD until it is barely distinguishable from the other national parties. Sylvia sees little hope for change in the much-ballyhooed American elections, which were followed closely in Germany.

In her opinion, Obama is nothing but a puppet.

[She is right: he is a product of the corrupt Chicago political machine backed by “big money.”

His creators shrewdly observed that by nominating an “opportunist with a suntan” they could consolidate the vote of racial minorities, whereas the white vote would be split along class, political and regional lines. The Democrats and Republicans are but two sides of the “Demublican” coin. Interjected by your translator, who apologizes for the intrusion.]

When I ask her about her personal predicament, she shrugs the question off, as though it has no significance. She is reluctant to talk about herself, but I find it interesting that in her enforced leisure she enjoys composing Bänkellieder (old-timey, melodramatic “organ-grinder” ballads.)

This genre of songs from as far back as the 16th Century deals primarily with Moritaten (popular moralistic themes), but it also deals with contemporary political commentary.

Bänkellieder relate stories of bloody murder, true love, betrayal, catastrophes and controversial political events. Bertolt Brecht’s “Three Penny Opera” is an example of this enduring literary genre.

Silvia is also writing a book about animal protection. And what does she read? Hegel! That’s all she can get.

The food at Heidelberg “Justice-Carrying-Out-Institution” is catastrophic. The menu sounds appetizing enough, but the food is barely edible. For example, today’s menu promises carrot salad, but it is so highly seasoned that it has to be washed down with oceans of water containing high concentrations of chlorine.

Does she get any fruit? Yes, but the apples have a shiny coating of chemicals that has to be washed away with hot water. It is indeed a criminal act by a criminal government to incarcerate someone – in this case a woman – under inquisitorial opinion laws and then endanger that person’s health as well. Such a situation is infuriating, unacceptable.

Anyone can put together a proper carrot salad with a little vinegar and oil – it requires no expertise, so special facilities. It seems the kitchen staff are deliberately preparing repulsive meals or, as has certainly been the case in the past, profiting from selling the higher quality food items instead of serving it to the prisoners. A dead mouse was recently found in a prisoner’s food.

Sylvia is on good terms with most inmates, many of whom need legal advice. She would like to help them but she is forbidden to give anyone legal advice, even pro bono, for a period of five years.

Does she consider herself a martyr for Germany’s sake? Her answer: “If the price of struggling for Germany’s liberation is incarceration, then it is worth the sacrifice. Germany’s freedom is so important to me that I am prepared to sacrifice my own personal freedom.”

Would she take the same path again, if she could do it over?

With iron resolution that seems incongruous in such a vulnerable woman, she answers: “Whatever happens to me: prison has merely strengthened my conviction.”


Anonymous said...

We are proud of her. Germany is utterly controlled by jews. That merkel PM bitch gave israel a german nuke sub. The rope to hang yourself on. Nothing will likely change until Jesus comes back and puts to death this synagouge of satan. However, I choose not to wait and wish we could do it ourselves.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

“Whatever happens to me: prison has merely strengthened my conviction.”

Didn't Yockey say the same - Wasn't doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger ?

She sounds very strong but we know some of the dirty deeds they seem to enjoy subjecting prisoners to . Their food being only one such pleasure .

Just a mention on her animal relations - I've never liked zoo's and don't go .

I've never taken a liking to a cage and don't see why they should have to either . I get no enjoyment watching their confinement .

Game reserves are different ... well , except for Africa where they're killing 'em all .
Old and young .

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

( WHAT doesn't kill ya ... )

Anonymous said...

Great delivery. Great arguments. Keep up the amazing work.