Thursday, December 18, 2008

To defeat the Jews, we must become organically and spiritually strong as a nation

The Organic Health of a Great and Enduring Nation

Christopher Jon Bjerknes
Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Jews are poisoning Americans with genetically modified foods sprayed with pesticides then irradiated, meat products dosed with hormones, antibiotics and the toxins they have dispersed in our environment and in the genetically modified poisoned grains they feed the animals, etc. We now have to pay a substantial premium to buy "organic" foods, which in general are not only healthier, but taste better, which foods are now quite popular. Since these organic foods are popular, one would think the pressure on the marketplace to increase production of organic foods would squeeze out the synthetic foods, which would then lower the price of the superior organic foods through the mechanism of an economy of scale.

Like our Jewish manufactured kosher stamped crap foods, our People have in many senses become a synthetic People, an artificial People, a plastic People injection molded through a Jewish press into the formless blob of a fat murderous mob, without self respect, loyalty to our People, or even a sense of what our nation represents, let alone its importance to us and to our fellow citizens. The average weak-minded American has become a stupid grazing cow, belled, tied, branded and fattened for the slaughter.

Many nations which have allowed foreign invasions of immigrants unlike the rootstock of the nation itself have dissolved through time into inferior and then extinct nations. The Jews corrupted the American Government to permit the invasion of Eastern European Jews, who then took over the press and universities and poisoned our political environment to favor Jewish interests. The Jews were able to do this because they entered a World of decent Americans, who were not trained to combat the war the tribe of Jews raged against them. Unlike the old nations of Europe, Americans mistakenly believed that the Jews were like them, that they would honor normal human standards of morality. The Americans were fresh meat for the parasitic Jews, who dug in deep and have now chewed us down to the bone. We Americans did not have time to develop the necessary immunity to the Jewish disease, the natural resistence to the plague which has emerged in other nations which have been exposed to the illness for thousands of years.

A sound nation knows itself, loves itself and protects itself. The Jews know this. That is why they immediately infected the brain of America to turn us into a rabid degenerate monster that began to bite nations all over the globe and spread the Jewish disease of internationalism, perpetual war and perpetual revolution. The infected traitors in our government, universities and press drool and spit as they speak praise of the parasite which has burrowed into their brains, and they twitch and flinch like a Jewish rag peddler as they lie to Americans and scapegoat us for the crimes of the Jews. And so the American eagle serves the flea, just as the Russian bear dances in a Jewish circus for the tick.

But in Europe they know the Jew. White antibodies are circulating in the blood of the nations ready to consume the infection. This time, America must join them in the struggle to end the Jewish war on the human race. We might even have to take the lead, since we are the most powerful and the most horrifically led by the virus of hate which is the Jewish People.

To fight the Jew, we must become organically and spiritually strong as a nation, as a People, as individuals. We must take pride in ourselves, our People and our nation. We must see ourselves as unique, deserving of preservation and a blessing to humanity. We must shed off the dried skin the snake of the Jews has draped over our self image and emerge anew as dignified and strong Americans who are united to fight the common enemy which has been waging war on us for 2,500 years. We must determine to defeat the vampire and burst its dead heart with a well placed stake focused on the foe.

The Jews want us to hate ourselves, to see our nation as if it were an international whore and gambling house, where the scum of the World come to entertain themselves and toss a few pennies into the begging bowl so that not all of us starve to death. We must resist the psychological war the Jew is waging against us.

Our new political party will emphasize nationalism as a healthy organic biological need. We are a mutually sustaining life force. We give each other food. We bring each other company and spiritual guidance and strength. We raise each others houses. We fight to protect each other. We unite when hordes of alien thieves come to rob us and destroy our neighborhoods.

The Jews have deliberately promoted the myth among our People that individualism detests cooperation and mutual responsibility. In fact, the strong individual is the best aide to his neighbor.

Our society and our territory are our biological fortress. We strengthen ourselves as a People when we strengthen each other. We defend our genetic heritage when we defend our territory and keep it clean and safe. We prevent attack when we maintain good relations with the other Peoples of the Earth, the hateful Jews who constantly war against humanity, excluded.

We can come to view ourselves as a living, growing, and improving human spirit that endures because it is glorious and righteous and united. As has happened in all nations which have survived the Jewish infection, we can come to see the Jewish face as the hostile, hateful, evil and murderous danger it is. But we can also look upon our own faces with love, respect and admiration. Our nation and our People can become the organic source of happiness a successful and enduring society can and must be. All we need do is purge ourselves of the Jewish hate invective directed against us by the Jews who are corrupting and poisoning our World. All we need do is realize that the Jews are warring against us and begin to fight back against them.

The Jews are a small, physically weak and mentally sick People. We must not allow them to destroy the human race. There are civilized ways we can try to defeat them, but should those methods fail or the hour become too late, we must do whatever is necessary to protect the human race from the Jews.

The scales of justice are in our favor. The Jews have murdered hundreds of millions of non-Jews. To promote a racist apartheid nation of five million Jews, the Jews plan to genocide six billion non-Jews. Justice demands that we do whatever is necessary to defend the six billion against the hostile fifteen million hatemongering, warmongering Jews who are at this very moment working as hard as they can to drive us into a nuclear World War Three, and who are the inheritors of the ungodly Jewish war on the human being which left more than one hundred million murdered in the last century. Justice and common sense demand that the many righteous billions defend themselves from the sick few millions who are out to murder them. Sanity demands that we fight back against the mad and murderous Jews who are attacking us.

We will win back our dignity and our health, our organic national strength and we can then build an enduring country for our children to enjoy through the countless generations of healthy Americans who will be our legacy if we defeat the Jews.

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