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Strategies for activism, education, and course of action - Get active in your community, begin "re-shaping" society at grassroots level

The article linked & re-posted below is a long read, but worth it -- valid criticisms of the truth-patriot movement, and excellent ideas at combating the Jewish World Order by implementing solutions and alternative organizations and institutions for a society to replace the existing Judaized, by building new "sub-communities."

The truth-patriot movement has done a good job of exposing the lies, crimes, and agenda of the enemy (primarily, though, via the non-personal forum of the internet), focussing on the "negative"...but not enough on the solutions, and interacting face-to-face with people in the real world to implement those solutions. As the author points out, people really respond to "positives" and solutions to problems.

For example, we know that the Jewish Establishment is perpetrating genocide against us via toxins in our food & environment, with tens of millions of even "unawakened" people inherently knowledgeable that the "medical" industry is a total fraud. If patriots would only organize to combat this by setting up alternative treatment facilities/programs, (in significant numbers...not limited to the very few now available), for the millions of people sick and/or dying of cancer and other diseases (who could be easily cured by change in diet, etc), think of how many hundreds of thousands of people -- most importantly would be cured of their diseases -- but would also be converts to the truth-patriot movement on different levels. And this would snowball exponentially very quickly, winning millions of converts, leading to mass loss of confidence in the Jewish establishment...and it's eventual overthrow in much shorter order.

"Socieities within society", such as the Amish, are a model. Think of many of similar "sub-societies" of Christians-truthers-patriots who are similarly separated and disconnected from the Jewish Beast System -- deeply religious Christian people, a diet of organic foods, refusing vaccinations, alternative systems of health and medicine, their own education system for their children, shunning Jewish media and "entertainment" propaganda, etc.

"Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." - Revelation 18:4

What You Can Do About The Jews

Ok. Maybe you don't know everything. But given what you do know, have you ever asked yourself what you can do to prevent the negative horrors that you know darn well are coming very soon if nobody acts to stop them?

That's right. I said, “YOU,” meaning, you, the man or woman who is reading this. You are going to have to act, both online and in the real world, to stem the tide of the Jewish War Against Humanity (for lack of a better term). You and people you meet and interact with and organize with.

And of course, you must be brave and sharp and fight smart... and enjoy yourself at the same time, because people don't function well reacting out of fear; and because no war was ever won by fighting a series of defensive battles; and because efforts and organizations that are “anti” something usually end up creating more of what they are against... for these reasons you must enjoy yourself as you fight back against the Jews.

So this must be a positive thing and it must be enjoyable. Inspiring! Rewarding! Fun, even!

That will mean different things to different people, but at its most basic it means that while engaged in this world-saving effort, you must grow as a person, learn useful skills, meet wonderful people, and most importantly, create the type of world you would like to live in.

You really must create a new world, because if you just take over the old, existing world you'll only have control of a jew world – a warped and wretched, mean little shadow of the world that is meant to be. And you won't enjoy living like that because it will kill you just as dead and almost as quickly as the jews will kill you.

So then... putting aside fine phrases and cutting out many pages of unnecessary B.S., where can you begin? Just you and your family, friends, and neighbors?

Well, you need a plan, and a course of action. You can have some ideas about those in a moment, but first I need you to learn three important tools for the “Social Engineering” you are going to be doing.

1.) An ancient Persian poet pointed out that counterfeiters would not make “fake gold” and try to pass it off, if “real gold” did not exist. This means that what you want... that which you currently experience only in its “counterfeit” version... does really exist in a real form. And it's just waiting for you to notice it, learn how it works, and start to build and manifest it.

2.) When working on any program or towards any goal, it's useful to work along three (3) major lines of attack, or approach. This way, if opportunities dry up on one or two of those lines, you can still make headway towards your main goal, by working on the other lines of attack.

3.) When working together, remember that you are not the “little people” the jew's media would have you think you are. No. You are the “Big People” in the history books. And although right now you may not feel big, brave, smart, strong, intuitive, influential, or powerful, if you give your friends, family, and neighbors reason to see you that way, they will tend to see you in that light and believe you are like that. And the more they see you that way, the more you will become like that: big, brave, clever, influential, powerful, etc. This is a subtle, but very useful thing to know, so I share it with those who can appreciate it. Just be sure to do the same for your friends and associates!

Now for your plan. Your plan must be worked in the real world, the land that you occupy with your family, friends, and neighbors. Use the Internet for information, inspiration, and sharing ideas and so on, but if you don't know anyone in the real world with whom you can discuss this plan and form some sort of alliance with and work along one of your lines of attack, you need to make that your number one goal. Because it doesn't matter much that you know when and how the jews deprived us of this or that right, or why a certain war was started and which false flag operations were used to start it.

No. What matters most is that you be able to work in the real world with one or more real people, winning over others to your point of view, leading by doing, showing them that your vision is real, your plan is worth working, and your goal is worth attaining.

And if you do have a friend, neighbor, or family member or three who know as much as you do about the nefarious Jewish War on Humanity (for lack of a better term), then you cannot rest on your laurels because you are still at square one. You must now begin working with other real people who may not know the real story... working along three lines of attack. And who's to say you can't create sub-lines and weave them all together? But you will need other people, so here are some ideas of useful lines of attack – plans that “real” people will be interested in and be willing to work at because the people will be provided with things they need by working on these plans.

And on many lines of attack, there is nothing that says you can't earn a living at it, or from part of it, or at least harvest a meal or build something you need out of it. This does not mean multi-level marketing or forming a new corporation. It's more like cooperation.

POLITICS first. In America, “Real” politics begin at the precinct level. If you are not working there, you are wasting 98 percent of your time or worse. If you will work at the precinct level, your time will be 98 percent effective!

There is a plan online, and you can search it out, for people to get involved at the precinct level, and become active in one local version of the two well known political parties. It's real easy and it only takes a few hours each year, or between elections. These positions are usually held by party hacks or by useful idiots. Or (often, it seems) by nobody.

Network America is a group that's working as a central clearing house for this precinct plan. But of course, you should organize your own show as well and don't be foolish and depend upon a website or internet characters. Use what they offer, but maintain independence: form a network of nodes, such that there is no head to cut off and there are too many “roots” to uproot enough of the program to make it die or take it over.

HEALTH CARE is second. Money really ought to be second, but health care is so important, so expensive, and so Jewdaized that most people won't notice!

As you may know, the government actually took over health care in the early part of the 20th century when the jews lobbied (bribed) government to eliminate competition and enthrone their fake quack system of “patent medicine” and the current bogus paradigm of naming a disease after its symptoms and covering up the symptoms with chemical drugs that cause more symptoms (side effects) that then call for more drugs, surgery, and eventually death, after a long, sickly, suffering “golden age” of having your diseases managed for the benefit of the jews.

Do you know that people are curing cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and all the rest? Do you know that these people are usually stopped and arrested by the jewish proxies in government and the FDA?

Do you know that these real healers don't even use the major “alternative methods” (which only work a bit better than the medical methods because they actually adapt the medical mind set)? Sounds complicated? It's not. Basically, there is only one disease, known a Toxemia, toxins in your blood and body and clogged or stopped up systems of elimination (colon, kidney, liver). Does that sound too simple to be true? It's not. And it's not very expensive either. Those who do the healing (or rather help you heal yourself) may sell you the things you need, but most of them will also encourage you to make your own formulations and learn the herbs that work and which can probably be found in the nearest vacant lot wherever you live in the world. This is not a joke!

Now you know why this is so important, right? Because the jews control the pharmaceutical medicine industry and they deny you real cures. They also want you to die off (“Have a nice day!”).

How many of you know someone who the doctors have given up on, or someone who is so sick they can't stand it, but jewish “Medicine, Inc.” has not helped them? Everyone knows people like that. All these people are potential converts to our new social system, which by the way, is called “People Like Us.”

Where can you learn about this powerful and simple healing? Search out names like Dr. John Christopher and Dr. Richard Sculze. There are some ebooks in PDF form that can be had for free on the Internet. Some are “out of print” or no longer being sold or distributed, but they are “out there” and you will find them if you look. Try to find “Dr. Schulze Save Your Life Collection Manual” or anything related.

And for a good look at the mean, tawdry beginnings of the Pharmaceutical Racket, search out “The Drug Story” by Morris A. Bealle. You'll be amazed!

MONEY is third. There has never been a better time to present “alternative” economic ideas. But it's essential that people learn what money really is, so we don't get suckered into accepting a “Gold Standard” or a money system based upon so-called precious metals that are owned and operated by the jews.

People will be interested in this money issue, but you can't just stick to the negative parts as in the wrong that has been done. Yet it is important to learn how the con game works. Would you believe that a major, world-class, extremely brilliant scientist decided he ought to know how our economic system worked? So he spend about two years studying it. He was amazed! “Here I am,” he thought, “ one of the smartest people in the whole world, and after spending two years studying this economic system, I still can't understand how it works!” He eventually realized that it doesn't “work,” at least not in any manner a scientist would approve of. He finally realized it's a “con game” (his words).

There's a website collection of hard-to-find books on the subject, and I mean really obscure stuff, but all really interesting (nothing boring like college Economics, mind you).

Some of the books at the site linked above date from the American Revolutionary period and shortly afterwards. Some explain the con game in ancient times, and some examine its workings in the middle ages, etc. Something for everybody and you may begin with any book that strikes your fancy! Thanks to the brilliant (but rather cranky) website owner who sought out these books at the library over a two year period and scanned them all into web page format!

EDUCATION is fourth. Education, as we know it, from kindergarten to the Ph.D., is a huge scam, run by the jews, for their profit and also run to stupify the masses. If you didn't learn about this in the public schools and at a university, then you can go to John Taylor Gatto's web site and read his famous book about the “Underground History of American Education.” Mr. Gato will sell you the book, but he also presents it Free on his site, in web page format.

Most people may not be as interested in the conspiracy side of modern education as you are. So here's what you can to to work Education as a line of attack against the Jewish War on Humanity.

Most parents fret that their children are not doing well in school, are not learning, won't have a good job, etc. But most parents can't or won't take time to home school their children. What we need is something that will supply the “bang for the buck” of home schooling, but which regular parents who send their children to the government schools can take advantage of help their children learn... and learn how to think while they are at it.

Basically, you and your group set up a tutoring service and you recruit and train tutors as time goes by. Use real books for your classes, so the students learn about the exciting side of history, as in jewish banker conspiracies, needless wars, the real value of gold (nothing) and so on. Parents can pay a fee to use your service. With a bit of enthusiasm, this can be a huge success in earning money to support your cause and equally important, in training people to fill your ranks!

A Syllabus will be needed. Some of the books and articles I've mentioned will do for starters. You will surely find whatever else you need on the Internet for free. And you can set up forums and blogs for your local tutoring chapters for a few dollars per year. If you make sure there are both boy and girl students involved, this organization will be popular with the students as well!

WORK is fifth. Local groups can work together setting up cooperative efforts like grocery buying coops, gardens, auto mechanic garages, and so on. The education and tutoring effort mentioned above can also be operated that way. Local home improvement tradesmen can be recruited and you should set up a referral service or even a local newspaper or website. The tutoring students can write for it or pass out flyers for the home improvement tradesmen, etc.

When you really get rolling, keep in mind that you want to encourage the setting up of small, family and co-op owned businesses. Why don't you look up the term, “Distributism” and see what you think of when you read about this brilliant concept that is blessed with a not so brilliant name!

ENTERTAINMENT is sixth. If you are still with me, still reading this, then you have probably noticed that what I'm presenting here will be way more entertaining than anything the jews have set before you or the rest of the people in your neighborhood. And that's all I have to say about “entertainment,” which is specious concept if ever there was one!

RELATIONSHIPS are seventh. Right now (December, 2008), nearly all human relationships in America are networked into the “government,” which is controlled by the jews. School, work, church, clubs, parks, and even families... all are controlled in some way, or at least overseen, by the ZOG (Zionist Controlled Government). Actually, we should just call it the Jew Controlled Government because going way back to the Old Testament, the jews have always waged a war against humanity. It's not just the Zionist jews. From another viewpoint, jews have always been Zionists, but who wants to wax overly philosophical about the jews? Let's just stop them from sucking our blood out and waging their war against us.

SUMMARIZING: The Jews are waging a War Against Humanity. They have been waging this war ever since day one (on the Jew's calendar). Only YOU can stop them. And you can only do this by working intelligently and with enthusiasm.... working in the real world, with real people, working with your family, friends, and neighbors on projects that will help build a road as you go... a road leading to a real world... the kind of world in which you want to live.

When you get close to your destination, maybe you can decide what you are going to do with those jews who have been waging war upon you for so many centuries. At the bare minimum, they should be forcibly disbanded. You'll probably decide that you must treat them in the same way you would treat Al Qaeda... that is, if Al Qaeda really existed and wasn't just another false flag operation in the Jew's War Against Humanity! Good luck and God bless!

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