Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hymiewood's Obsession with Nazis; Communism Gets Kosher Pass

10 billion Jewish Hollywood movies, television specials, etc on the "monstrous evil" of the German Nazis and the mythical "murder of 6 million" precious Jews that never actually happened. Meanwhile, the Jewish Bolsheviks actually slaughtered ~60 million Russians and Ukranians, and the Chinese Communists actually killed 60+ million. And how many movies have the Jews made on those real genocides? I wonder why Jewish-inspired communism gets a pass, and WWII-era Germans are so unfairly vilified and defamed?



By: Roderick T. Beaman

The airways are plying ads for ongoing Christmas movie releases. One trailer is for Tom Cruise’s Valkyrie.

Anyone who has had access to the internet for the past few years is aware that the filming of the movie ran onto some resistance in Germany due to Cruise’s Scientology which is discouraged through much of Europe. We’ve seen the pictures of Cruise with an eyepatch in a German uniform. His character lost his eye in the African campaign.

The trailer shows the officers plotting to kill Adolf Hitler and some of the dialogue concerns how it is to be for the good of Germany. There’s an attache case with the bomb that is meant to kill him. Hitler escaped and there was a purging of much of the German military leadership.

I understand that Hollywood is abuzz over the movie with talk of Oscar nominations abounding. It’s directed by Brian Singer who did a sterling job with ‘The Usual Suspects’.

Of course, Cruise and the other personnel are being hailed for producing this. Hollywood never ceases congratulating itself for stomping on a dead ideology. It’s being hailed as a taut thriller. Aren’t they all?

The movie brings to 10,582 the number of Hollywood movies that have focused on the evil of Hitler, the Nazis, various Neo-Nazi plots and WWII Germany as our enemy. I think the number of Hollywood movies to focus on the danger of communism have been two, Gregory Peck’s ‘The Chairman’ and ‘The Killing Fields’ but the former only did it obliquely. I can’t think of a single other one and neither focused on the Soviet Union.


The horrors of Germany and Europe under National Socialism have never been too far from Hollywood’s consciousness. Indeed, the capture in 1960 of Adolf Eichmann by the Mossad in Argentina and his subsequent trial and hanging in Jerusalem prompted a flood of books and movie and television productions about the extermination program.

By contrast, we never encounter a Russian, a Red Chinese or a Castroite Cuban as some kind of a menace, bent on our destruction. No, that only seems to emerge from National Socialist Germany.

The fact is that the German concentration camps were liberated 63 years ago and the remaining personnel from them must be fewer than 1,000 by now. By contrast, the Gulag was only broken up in 1953, after Stalin’s death. The reeducation camps of Mao-Tse Tung persisted to after his death in 1976. The outrages of Cambodia occurred at the end of Mao’s life. Surely, many of the people involved in those horrors are still alive. Where is the clamor for them to face justice? It sure isn’t coming from Hollywood!


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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

So true - you'd never see a "Hogan's Hero's"
depicting Bolsheviks in this manner . And yeah , where's the intense search for the communist war criminals ? Not a peep .

Revisionist History link on my site
( Michael Hoffman ) has an excellent book ( among others )dealing with the campaign of demonizing the whites .