Saturday, December 20, 2008


Excellent detailed analysis on the slick marketing, mass mind control techniques, hysteria, deception, shadowy handlers (eg, Zbigniew Brzezinski), and the real agenda of Barack Obama and his controllers (eg, more war, domestic "civilian national security force" ie police state, surrendering American sovereignty and working towards global governance):


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BlairSupporter said...

Politicians have long used the "change" word. In fact they ALWAYS use it. But I agree that I haven't quite qorked out what exactly he's about to change.

Re Blair: he's the most articulate political speaker of his generation. Which is a GOOD thing. I don't want a leader who has trouble putting two sentences together.

As for his looking down - it's always possible he was looking down at the words in his speech, to remind himself where he was. He was very useful with the pregnant pause, too, I concede that. But he was also good at being Prime Minister.

Some of us miss him enormously.

As for Obama - well, I wasn't one of the participating hyped-up crowd. I could not judge, being British, whether this man would do all he says he would, as I know nothing about his history. And I'm not the hype-able sort anyway.

I'm not expecting miracles like many innocents. Once leaders get in the hot seat, they find it's hotter than even they thought. Realpolitik is likely to kick in.

But if Obama can be half the man Blair was - er - is, America will do well.

This from someone who never voted for Blair's party. But I watched his progress and 'changes' (and he made PLENTY), and I realised he had been right about most of these changes. I mainly noticed in the last couple of years when I REALLY thought about it and could see who his party had lined up to replace him.

I never believe in judging people on "promises, promises". So, on Obama, we'll have to wait and see.

Of course conspiracy theorists like yourself make me look like a fan of Big O. And believe me, I'd have been happier with McCain leading the (thus far) free world.