Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Don't Burn Down the Barn - Kill the Rats!

Don't Burn Down the Barn to Kill the Rats! The Mature and Civilized Tasks of the "Power Party"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes
Saturday, December 20, 2008



There is an old story of a Dutchman who became so frustrated trying to chase out the rats from his barn, that he burned down the barn to kill the rats. The likely outcome would be that the rats would escape, and the farmer would starve. The rats would then eat his corpse.

The Jews and Freemasons are sparking riots and protests across Europe:

'Greek Syndrome' is catching

The Jews are also promoting a nihilistic revolution in America. The Jews want Americans to burn their own Constitution and their own country.

America has a rat problem. We should not burn our barns to kill the rats. We should instead rid ourselves of the rats so our farms will be more productive.

The Nazis did not build the German economy by destroying it. Instead, they removed Jewish influence from the press, government and the creation of money and loan capital. The Germans also promoted German pride and the cooperation of German citizens to build Germany, not burn it down. Germany grew, though the effort was subverted by Hitler and his war policies. Hitler then defeated the German war effort he had started.

We do not need dictatorship. We need generalship to fight back against the Jews who are waging war on us. We need not burn our Constitution nor resent our heritage as a democratic People. We can improve our Constitution and ensure that it functions for our best interests by removing the Jews from public life through a series of new laws and by declaring war on Israel, which has already been waging war on us.

Countless nations that have endured the Jewish attack on the human race have saved themselves by removing Jewish influence from the reins of power, including the educational systems, the press, the government, the professional institutions, the religious institutions, etc. By their actions throughout their history, and by their open declarations of war on humanity, the Jews have shown themselves to be hostile to the interests of all other Peoples and must be dealt with accordingly if we are to save the human race from the Jewish aggression.

To destroy America would only make the Jews' job of stealing our rights and murdering our People that much easier, because we ourselves would serve them with the gun and with the torch to burn our own barns and murder our neighbors just as happened to Russia when the workers took the Jews' advice to destroy Russia in the name of freeing Russia.

The rabies will subside when the rabbis are defanged. The disloyal Jews have demonstrated that they are a hostile force unfit to occupy any position in the press or government of the United States. Nor should they be permitted to vote or educate our children. If we repeat the mistakes of other nations which followed the Jewish model for their destruction, the Jews will destroy our country roots to leaves. We are far better off to stop calling the rats people and address the problem directly, than to destroy ourselves in the hope that we can take them down with us.

We need to start acting like the intelligent, civilized and creative Americans that we are, instead of the foaming at the mouth torch bearing peasants the Jews would have us become. Though we indeed must take out the vampires, let us do so scientifically with the minimum destruction of our own interests possible. Let's use advanced means to locate the sickness and cure it, rather than hoot and holler and toss flames on the dry grass. All we need do is start working in our own interests, remove the traitorous and hostile Jew from the press through new laws, and we will quickly outpace every other nation on Earth.

In the process we will fight back against Israel, manufacture our own new currency, provide new loan and manufacturing capital, and provide our own food. We can easily do this without tearing apart our cities and giving the Jewish occupied government a pretext to impose martial law. All we need do is stop being afraid, assert our rights and take responsibility for ourselves and our fellow citizens. It will then be natural for us to vote for those who want to build America and to fight back against those who are destroying America, the International Jew.

Why is the Jew international? Because the Jew despises every other human being and wants to kill them. The Jew resents the fact that other People are healthy and happy, while the Jew is sick and self loathing. Only by entering the healthy societies of other Peoples can the Jew infect them with his hatred, degeneracy and death. The Jew then returns to the burned barns of normal human beings, and sniffs and sorts the ashes for bones to gnaw on.

Promote health, and you punish the Jew. Promote strength and cooperation, and you weaken the Jew. Participate in government and media, and you rebel against the Jew. Assert your power in productive ways, and you crush the Jew. Live in peace, and you bankrupt the Jew. These are the ways to fight them.

It is a disgrace that the Greeks have become cabalistic Jews carrying out mindless revolt which only weakens them, but it is no accident. It is Jewry at work turning great Peoples and ancient civilizations into primitive self destructive savages. We are smart enough not to fall into that old and rusty Jewish trap.

The Jews are the problem. Only by focusing on the problem can we solve it. The enlightened and civilized man has at his disposal the numbers and the means to unseat the Jew from power and to build his nation in the process. It is his genetic heritage and his cultural heritage to fight the Jew without killing himself.

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