Monday, December 15, 2008

Based on insider info from an elite oil industry source, Lindsey Williams predicts total collapse of U.S. dollar and financial system in 6-12 months

Pastor Lindsey Williams is an oil industry expert and regular guest on the Alex Jones radio show. On July 28, 2008 when oil was around $130-140/barrel, Williams came on the Alex Jones show and made a startling prediction. He said that he had been informed by an elite oil industry source (from a phone conversation in June 2008) that oil was going to be driven down to around $50/barrel in the next few months. That has now come to pass. On December 1, 2008, Williams came back on to the Alex Jones Show and revealed more (from the same June 2008 phone conversation with the oil industry insider) -- saying that this elite oil industry source had predicted a total collapse of the U.S. dollar and the U.S. financial system in 6-12 months. And as he explains in the video below, he says this collapse in the currency and economy will be the pretext for the North American Union and 'Amero' currency.

I'm not endorsing this prediction (ie, the timetable...I agree, of course, that the ruling Jewish Establishment is eventually going to try to collapse the economy and bring in a North American Union). And I'm well knowledgeable that Alex Jones is "kosher" controlled opposition. But he does put out accurate information along with the disinfo. So Williams' prediction may well be good information. But I'm skeptical. For one, why didn't Williams reveal this prediction of the total financial collapse 4 months ago when he revealed the prediction of $50/barrel oil?

Pastor Lindsey Williams - The Next 12 Months (part 1 of 6)

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