Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ADL still maintains Jews don't run Hollywood - ADL "shocked", "outraged", and "offended" by "anti-semitic canard" and "conspiracy theory"

The ADL needs to send the memo to Joel Stein and Ben Stein, among other members of Satan's tribe.

The ADL would have us believe according to their "poll" that only "22%" of Americans believe that Hollywood is "pretty much run by Jews." Accurate poll, or bogus propaganda attempting to manipulate public opinion?

ADL 'polling'

ADL attempts to 'debunk' "alleged Jewish 'Control' of the American Motion Picture Industry"

ADL "outraged" by Marlon Brando's remarks that jews control Hollywood; Call actor to "repudiate anti-semitic canard"

The ADL obviously means business with all the work for censorship and "anti-hate speech" laws, etc. But their literature is so ridiculous, childish, and cartoonish -- eg, same lame buzzwords in every article, in general poor quality of press releases. Perhaps they are just catering to their primary audience of moronic, inbred, psychotic Jewish laypersons. Or maybe it's just another example of chutzpah in the extreme to think they can con the "stupid cattle goys" with such crude propaganda.


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Guess I'll give Dolly Parton a plug here too -
something along the lines of ... those damn jews run everything .

Don't see mentioned but another good book for further proof -
Neal Gabler , How the jews built Hollywood .
In case ya haven't heard of it already .

Nugo said...

It's comical to read the ADL make accusations about "anti-semitic canard" and "conspiracy theory" when they obtained a stolen copy of the script to "The Passion of the Christ," worked to prevent distribution of the film's release and dispatched a delegation of Jews to the Vatican in protest.