Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Wolf's Press Glimpse At The Future And Answer For The Present


A Wolf's Press Glimpse At The Future And Answer For The Present

SOMEONE asked today how to fix the problems that face us. Good question. One we've all asked ourselves many times. Jewish economic and political domination, cultural degradation and erosion, the destruction of our middle class, third world immigration, the hatred of the black minorities towards whites, the loss of our racial identity......and on and on. What to do?

I'm of the opinion that a leader is yet to arise. One who will spread fuel on the fire of men's souls. A leader of truly historical proportions. A leader who will unite the people, our people, to right the wrongs of the last century. That leader will have the answers that you seek. However his time has not yet come to pass and many things will remain hidden until it does. As a student of history, I know that such leaders always arise when the time is right. Just as the branch sprouts forth leaves in the spring. When will that leader arrive on the scene? I do not know but I do not think he will come from the political apparatus. He will rise from the masses. Leaders such as these are usually thrust upon the scene. This will be the case with him.

People say that it is late. Yes it is. Late to save our present way of life. Late to save what we were born into and late to save all that we've known up to now. Yet, things can and will get much worse. For this leader to arise, suffering will have to become common place. I'm talking real suffering. Poverty, starvation, disease, forced indignation. Only when people are fed up, when they have barely anything left to lose, when they are ready to die, so that their children might live, will this leader arise. Only then will he be accepted and thereby have the power to challenge and destroy the powers that oppress us.

This is necessary because the majority of whites, collectively have allowed it. I believe it is past the point of return. We have lost what our grandparents and great grandparents left us in trust. No, we didn't lose it....WE SOLD IT...ON CREDIT NO LESS! Like a bunch of crackheads selling all the furniture in our houses to further the next quick high!

IF we get back something resembling an autonomous life, free of racial strife and intrusion, holding a promise for a better life among our own people, we are going to have to pay for it all over again. Every little piece. Paid in blood, sweat and tears. I look back at what whites had 100 years ago and I'm almost made sick by what those that have come and gone since have thrown away. I'm not talking about oppressing anyone. I'm talking about the culture, the art, the civilization that modern whites inherited. All going down the crapper for a few pieces of silver.....and a god damned, 52 inch, flat screen plasma TV!

What can we do individually? Live your life with honor. Not as someone on the pulpit says, or as someone in the media says and certainly not as a politician says. Live it as the voice of integrity that dwells within you says. As the saying goes......DO RIGHT AND FEAR NO ONE! Teach your children right virtues. Not the putrid shit that the teacher from school indoctrinates them with. The real stuff, handed down by our ancestors from before the time of the written word. Most of it is written within our spirits and DNA. It's just so smothered with the Jewish filth that's been programmed into us for the past 60 years, that comparably few are able to tap into it. If you haven't found it, do so. It's worth the trouble.

We can educate and we must educate. It's our only hope at present. 90 % of whites out there are lost due to their programming or just plain stupidity.. That still leaves around 15 million whites who are receptive to what we have to say. Europe is more promising and they are watching and listening to us as well. We, the ones who learn now, will be the teachers of those millions, when the time comes for our leader to arise. Learn. Teach. Remain vigilant. It is a calling that one must accept for himself.

We are not in the final stages. Not by a long shot. We are still in the time of injustices and the worm has yet to turn. It will all have to be torn down before it can be built up. There will come a time for violence. That time is not now. I will not tell you to take up a gun and kill our enemies. That would be simply suicidal at this point.

I will tell you to go pick up a pen and keyboard and discredit him. Plant seeds that will bear fruit in the times to come. That is the power that we hold at present. It is power indeed. Use it.

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