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What is missing in the Truth-Patriot Movement? - exposing J.O.G., not 'zog' - solutions, morals, passion, & unity

What is Missing?

October 30, 2008

Since the birth of the Internet age and events like 9/11, we have seen a non-stop flow of information flooding cyber-space. Like with every thing else there are positives and negatives to this flow of outside the public teaching information. Much of the information is conspiratorial and contradicting, which leads to dividing views when it comes to the question”who is the enemy”. It is by no mistake that so many different views exist outside the public education outlets; they controlled what information you got before the self-education age, so what makes you think they wouldn’t try and control the information that is self sought after? From the poll on my forum I can see 35% of you have yet to grasp what is at hand, or never will.

After 9/11 many people went on-line seeking their own answers, many fell into the traps of Alex Jones, and the Jews behind “Loose Change”, both being half-truth tellers and web-spinners. In most of these peoples research the word “Zionist” would pop up, yet another diversion from the truth. The Jews knew with all the forms of media that exist today they could not cover their tracks, and silence people the way they used to, so they had to find a way to keep the word “Jew” out of the peoples mouth, thus the evil “Zionist” is born. The racial and spiritual battle that has lasted well over 4000 years was now turned into a question of recent statehood, and powerful figures (have nots Vs haves, age old Jewish dividing tactic). Not only was the word “Jew” now removed from the peoples mind, but also Gentiles could be labelled Zionist!!! How clever, and once again the mass of the self-educators went for the bait. I have always said from my two year run on YouTube that my accounts being banned, the personal attacks, the death threats, etc. Have come from Anti-Zionist Jew defenders as much as from the Jews. And this is no coincidence. The so-called truth seekers have become Jew defenders…. I am sure the string pullers chuckle to themselves at how easily mislead the cattle are.

So we can see one of the things missing is a unified message and understanding, which slowly but surely is being worked on by a couple people now. Sadly that is not the only thing missing. Though many information outlets that expose Jews exist, they for the most part all seem to be missing certain items that are detrimental to the advancement of the Gentile Society. Here are some of the most important missing topics that I have noticed:

Solutions:While many people pass on information about Jewish action, hardly anyone speaks about how to fix the problem. And when ever there is a rare discussion of solutions, it usually comes down to the same old Democratic bullshit…protest…. Need I go through a recent History lesson to show how useless ‘protest’ has become?

Morals: Now many of the ‘truthers’ who have come around since 9/11 came from leftist, Democratic, and Anarchist backgrounds. They have not be able to shake that selfish, individualistic, self-serving, over empathetic feelings that got them to be party to such destructive ideologies to began with. So in turn they brought it over into the Jewish Question. I have seen “Truthers” with six colors in their hair, piercings all over their face, and in a drug induced fog get on a webcam and speak about “Zionist”, the madness of it all is almost humorous. As far as I am concerned these types deserve to hang right along side our enemies from every street light in our cities. If we see the Jews running every vice industry, and if they said they would do so in order to destroy a Nation (Protocols). How in the hell can someone really expect to rebel against the powers that be when they are dependent and open to all these vices??? Make no mistake, before you can even think about fighting your enemy, you first have to fight yourself. Speaking about Morals turns alot of people off to who ever is talking, I understand this, and this is why so few speak on the topic.

Fire: The fire is missing from most of these sites. After you read the information on some website, are you angry? Do you feel the uncontrollable need to tell you fellow citizen? Do you feel the need to search out local people who feel the same and start getting active? I doubt it. Without that Fire inside of us….There is no Fight.

Unity: Well…Ego of course. Most of these people want to be the source for you to get your information, it is more about them than you. Off the top of my head I can name off at least 5 people that are well known on YouTube and cyber-space, that have a major problem with their Ego. I view these people in the same light as the druggie hippie anti-Zionists. In order to have a unified front people must give up some of their personal beliefs in order to unite under a set of core beliefs. This i view as the hardest task. Peoples Egos, Feelings, and self interest get in the way of Logic.

These are just a few of the things missing that stick out the most, until we deal with these items, all hope for a real chance is a pipedream left on-line.

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I'm glad that I've found this site. I'm so surprised by your way of thinking and writing. Have you thought about writing a book?