Monday, November 24, 2008

The Ultimate Reason for the HoloHoax...To Attempt to Prevent a Real Holocaust

All real/genuine/hardcore truthseekers and patriots need to hear the message of the article below. This pertains to the "final solution" to the Jewish problem. As noted by the author, if you have sufficient desire to know what must be done to liberate our people, read on and read to the end.

The REAL REASON for the Holocaust HOAX

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hold on to your hats people, because I am about to drop a bomb shell that most people don't want to witness going off. First, thank your lucky stars that there are still independent thinkers out here that are willing to tell it like it is because I don't drink the poisoned water of apathy and still have the ability to think critically on my own without allowing outside influences and erroneous bullshit sources to cloud my thinking; or to muddy the water.

Now, before I get to the meat of this article, let me get some things straight. I am absolutely NOT a holocaust denier. I know this last sentence has some of you ready to give up reading, but DO NOT stop reading just yet. HEAR me out. I'm not saying "listen". Listening is what children do, and subsequently IGNORE what it is you're saying which then leads to all sorts of disasters like a major mess or worse yet, ending up with one of them getting injured. I am saying HEAR me, and HEAR ME RIGHT, especially on this topic. COMPREHEND what it is I'm telling you and DO NOT forget it.

So, I'm not a holocaust denier, but how can this be from someone who hates the jew so much? I'll tell you, but you're going to need to sit down and grab a cup of coffee, because this DRASTICALLY important rant is one ALL of you need to HEAR, and there is no short way to put it. The reason I am NOT a holocaust denier is because holocausts of LITERALLY 100's of MILLIONS of people have taken place over the last century, and EVERY one of them at the hand of the jew. This is NO conservative figure, and that is totally leaving out anything BEFORE the 20th century. (NOTE: Thanks to the JEW writing most of what we know of history, all figures represented herein may be somewhat up for debate, and/or nearly impossible to nail down exactly.)

I do NOT deny there was a holocaust during and between the major world wars of last century, or even still occuring today, but I'm telling you right now there was NO 6 million jewish holocaust. That was a total fake, a hoax, a sham, a swindle, a lie, etc., and I'll get to WHY they faked this in a moment. I'll give you one major hint to chew on for now. It was NOT to create a jewish homeland in Palestine.


The WHOLE reason these critters scammed you all with their hoax is this: to KEEP YOU from EVER thinking, let alone TALKING of and ACTING out a REAL and PERMANENT holocaust of EVERY last stinking, filthy, rotten, flea infested, crooked eyed, monster faced, scum bag, thieving, lying, ritual and mass murdering demonic jewish BEAST on this planet, and THAT is IT!


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