Friday, November 7, 2008

TRUTH: the indispensable and paramount virtue, and the undoing of the Jew, which is why they work relentlessly to censor freedom of speech


by Joe Cortina

ANY Time ANY American is persecuted for speaking writing or otherwise disseminating the TRUTH - that is a SERIOUS crime against EVERY American and strikes at the heart of a significant part of the very ESSENCE of Americanism. It should be considered the gravest of crimes - and violations of the basic American Freedom - ordained by God - legislated by the Founding Fathers -and secured by the blood of men who sacrificed all in times past to defend it - should be punished by the MOST HARSH MEANS applicable! THE TRUTH IS IMMUTABLE! EVERYTHING ELSE that Americans have traditionally treasured - emanates from the concept of TRUTH. The essence of the Jew was - is and always will be - the antithesis of the truth. The Jew lives by the lie. What the light of day is to the fictional vampire - the TRUTH is to the Jew - his greatest fear and his ultimate undoing and eventual destruction.

Truth is not just one of the ‘ten suggestions’ - it is a MANDATE FROM GOD! TRUTH is the keystone of every civilized legal code of every culture on earth since time in memoriam. Why - the beginning of every court justice procedure is an oath TO GOD TO SPEAK ONLY THE TRUTH - is it not?

The virtue of truth and the purity of it’s inviolate nature has been the subject of admiration and veneration by scholars statesmen world leaders authors Prophets Kings and Presidents noblemen and peasants for millennia.


How paradoxical - the very culture that so arrogantly and vociferously pontificates to the whole world – their ‘superior’ “moral high ground” status - is the same foul cabal of thieves, murderers, cheats and liars who work tirelessly to censure truth where ever and whenever they encounter it, I - being but one of their countless un-avenged victims. I WILL have my day of justice despite your domestic terrorism and hatred of all that is true honest and noble.

You Jews violated my Constitutional rights when you destroyed my Webb site. I have ‘PAID MY DUES’ to exercise those rights. I will continue to speak the truth and expose you criminals. Neither I - nor any of the other patriots who have suffered at your hands will forget your crimes against our Constitutional rights.


In fact – God - The Son, in the NT Bible CLEARLY STATES that the Jew is a liar of demonic (LITERALLY!) heritage and proportions. Christ addressed the Jew in a lot of other unsavory terms as well – but my main concern in this document is their preoccupation with lies and their fear of the TRUTH!

In the past few months I have been censured slandered, libeled had my good name and character assassinated by the Jew – ALL for the simple reason that I had exposed his true foul lying nature and so the Jew predictably attacks me by more and more lies.

It is the same old tired mantra that he so cowardly hides behind – of the criminal perpetrator being the victim and the poor hapless victim being the criminal. This is of course EXACTLT the MO of the Jew in IsraHELL, in regards to his Murder – torture – starvation - slaughter genocide of the helpless women and children in Palestine – most of which I have witnessed firsthand. The Jew IDF terrorists murders a defenseless child – and presto-chango – it the fault of the child!

I have challenged these baby killing Jews time after time to TRUTHFULLY refute the FACTS of their brutal sadistic crimes against humanity – but the ONLY ‘defense’ the Jew has is his money and influence of intimidation to silence the voices of the TRUTH. Their lies were used to silence and eventually murder Jesus Of Nazareth – for exactly the same basic reason – TO SILENCE TRUTH! To keep their filthy conduct from being exposed. Nothing has really changed in the past two millennia – only the names.


The ONLY entity that can and WILL defeat the Jew and his world domination ambitions is the exposure of his monumental crimes by the simple unvarnished truth. THIS is why ALL people like myself – who DARE to expose the truth of the Jew must be silenced by the Jew.


IF you allow the Jew to silence my voice of TRUTH – or ANY voice of TRUTH – you will have become the author of your own destruction and that of your children.



ALL you will find are sacrilegious loud screaming carnival barkers – hate merchants – racist Islamophobes - Judeo-Christians (oxymoron) – Christian –Zionists (oxymoron) – millionaire prosperity preachers stuffing their wallets, and a laundry list of other ‘Synagogues of Satan as prophesized by Christ – which do nothing other than MOCK Jesus and FULLY support the demonic evil State of IsraHELL in their endless frenzy of child murder and their ‘final solution’ for the demise of Christianity.

I am but one man – but I have tried my best to expose this evil – and now I cannot even protect myself against the criminality of the Jews. This is a violation of a right that I myself risked my life to defend many years ago in uniform.


The truth – per-se – may be considered as an inviolate entity – but it still must be defended by good courageous mortal men in the here an now at any price. Protect her - defend her - nurture her as the sacred ideal that she has been for all time. Remember - the Jew is the greatest mortal threat to the survival of the truth on earth as so stated by our Lord in the Book of John. Guard her well.

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