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Staged Election 2008 - bogus polls - vote fraud - Jewish Crime Syndicate has game rigged at all levels

Excellent article by Jim Condit, Jr., Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, 2nd Congressional District, State of Ohio. Condit claims only Ron Paul's staff were in on the con job, but I tend to believe that Ron Paul himself was in on it as well -- based on his total failure to question the bogus "results" and call out the confirmed vote fraud at the Iowa Caucus and other early primaries, his support for the "War on Terror" fraud and the official 9/11 fairy tale, his failure to speak out strongly against illegal immigration, and other things.


Why Ron Paul Campaign Failed; Why Obama Campaign Succeeded

by Jim Condit Jr.

I sense a tremendous DEMORALIZATION hanging over
the heads of the good guys out there. It is a
real demoralization. It is a demoralization
resulting from a realization that "nothing
works." And this realization is based in the
reality of our experience in the last 20 years.

"Nothing works" because the effective strategies
- or the "missing ingredient" strategies have
been ignored. I have been promoting these
"missing ingredient" strategies for 20 years -
and continue feeling like the proverbial "voice
crying in the wilderness."


The Ron Paul Campaign failed because Ron Paul and
the sincere part of his campaign team failed to
recognize, or at least did nothing to
strategically counter, the "safeguards" erected
by the NeoCon/Communist Jewish Crime Syndicate
now pretty much running the USA

First, they have by now bought up ALL major
media. This media buy up started in 1913 (then
newspapers only) when the Rothschilds and their
buddies got the US Congress to delegate all
money-issuing power for the USA to them through
their privately owned Federal Reserve Board

This NeoCon Crime Syndicate's ownership of Big
Media reached Monopoly status in the years
following 1999 when Clinton signed the repeal of
the Glass-Steagall Act and took down other
barriers to monopolies, such as media-monopolies.


The New World Order Wirepullers knew that there
would eventually be ATTEMPTS at tremendous
reactions against what they were doing to
America. So, with the power to issue unlimited
money to themselves and their allies, they set in
safeguards against the candidates who would try
to lead America against their monstrous program.

And those safeguards are:

1) Control of all Big Media, a necessary
prerequisite of every totalitarian state;

2) establishing several companies that would
constantly (allegedly) do public opinion polls
for their Big Media, and would
issue phony public
opinion polls when asked to do so, in order to
prepare the public mind for the easily rigged
computer result to be announced on election

This subject was mentioned extensively in our
year 2000 Network America ewires; then the Big
Media was using phony public opinion polls as
early as January 1996 and 2000 to kill the
Buchanan candidacy; they would use the same
tactics on Ron Paul in 2008.

It should be noted that in 1996 massive votefraud
had to be used against Buchanan in the GOP
primaries because he was pretty well known due to
his successfully TV career on CNN and The
McLaughlin Group on PBS.

Buchanan won three of the first four verifiable
primary contests, and probably had Iowa stolen
from him as demonstrated in the article "A House
without Doors."

But then, Buchanan starting losing to the
lackluster Senator Bob Dole 80% to 20%, and 70%
to 30% in states using the easily rigged election
computers. The fact that Senator Bob Dole was
such a terrible candidate, and NOT a conservative
AT ALL, made this contrast between hand counted,
open primary contests on the one hand, and
computer counted contests, on the other hand, in
1996 - all the more glaring.

3) Establish the "exit poll" scam through an
entity owned by their Big Media, for a long time
called Voter News Service (VNS) so that on
election day they could start issuing phony exit
polls early in the day which prepared the public
to believe the easily rigged computer result that
would be announced on election night. (This was
also covered ad nauseam in our 2000 and 2001
Network America ewires.)

4) Buy control of both the Republican and
Democratic parties at the top (this would only be
possible if your gang had a monopoly on issuing
money) so that your gang could stage phony
elections every four years between two of your
competing puppets, and so that you could
pressure, cajole, bribe all states and 99% of the
counties in those states - to adopt easily rigged
election computers which would be controlled by
your gang through phone lines, computer
connections, modems, and satellite technology.

5) Establish several APPARENTLY competing
companies which offer easily rigged election
computers to every state and county in the USA.
Through control of these easily rigged computers,
the Neo-Con Jewish Crime Syndicate can alter the
vote when necessary - that is, when it becomes
necessary because their super slanted media
coverage and media censorship did not get the
final result they had wanted.


The Mossad's (Israel's Intelligence Agency) motto
is: "Make War by Way of Deception."

MAKE WAR - by way of deception. (!!!!)

So, when the 30 or so NeoCon Jews in New York
City rig a public opinion poll, or issue a phony
exit poll on election day, or rig the election
computers on election night - they don't feel
guilty. - They slap themselves on the back for a
job well done. For they are making war on YOU and
YOUR country - by way of deception. That attitude
is based deeply in their diabolical book, The


Now that we understand the mindset we are
fighting, let's proceed as to why the Ron Paul
Presidential Campaign failed, and was so easily
disposed of by the cackle of NeoCon Jewish
Criminals around the Fed and 5 Big TV Networks.

The Ron Paul Presidential Campaign needed to
challenge the public opinion polls starting in
mid 2007. Failure to do so allowed the 5 Big TV
Networks to establish that Ron Paul was an
insignificant candidate and that such ciphers as
John McCain and Rudy Giuliani were "favorites of
the people." The Buchanan campaign made exactly
the same mistake in 2000 - never once challenging
the Big Media shadowy opinion polls

(By the way, this is why the betrayal of Ron Paul
by his own Paid Staff, namely Lew Moore, the late
Kent Snyder, Jesse Benton, Don Rasmussen, Jeff
Frazee, and others, -- was so devastating at the
Iowa Straw Poll on August 11, 2007. These de
facto traitors-within to the Ron Paul Revolution
worked hand in glove with the crooked Iowa GOP to
make sure that the Iowa Straw Poll vote was
counted on the discredited and easily rigged
Diebold computers. These de facto traitors within
fought our Watch the Vote 2008 group TOOTH and
NAIL as we tried to get an OPEN Count.


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