Friday, November 7, 2008

Revisionists are winning: Jews worried about growing tide of those learning the truth about WWII

The Holocaust™ Hoax and the truth about WWII is of CRUCIAL importance in maintaining a protective "shield" around world Jewry and their activities -- and thus the advancement of the World Jewish Agenda. The fairy tale, of course, is that the Nazis and the German people of that time were the "most evil monsters in the history of the world" who carried out the "most heinous crimes of all history" against the precious and sublimely innocent Jews. The truth is the complete opposite.

Organized Jewry were not the victims of WWII. They were the perpetrators of it -- a war fomented to kill as many white Europeans as possible -- and especially designed to destroy the nation of Germany. Germany is the supreme victim of WWII. And the Jews can't stand it for anyone to so much as show a little bit of sympathy towards the German people for what happened in WWII, or acknowledge some small measure of the ENORMOUS atrocities committed against the German nation. Doing so opens the door for people to look at WWII in a more balanced light, and once they go down that path, eventually the entire myth will be shattered.


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