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Patrick Grimm: "The Judaic Mindset and the Jewish Spirit"

Brilliant essay from Grimm. His blog was shut down by Jewish censors not long after this was published. Full article re-published below.

The Judaic Mindset and the Jewish Spirit

by Patrick Grimm
October 12, 2008

“Who knows what great and glorious destiny might have been yours if we had left you alone. But we did not leave you alone. We took you in hand and pulled down the beautiful and generous structure you had reared, and changed the whole course of your history. We conquered you as no empire of yours ever subjugated Africa or Asia. And we did it all without armies, without bullets, without blood or turmoil, without force of any kind. We did it solely by the irresistible might of our spirit, with ideas, with propaganda.” -Marcus Eli Ravage, A Real Case Against the Jews.

The implementation of the Judaic mindset brings with it a reductionism and a devaluation of all pursuits and it has finally reduced them to nothing more than a hunger and a grasping for profit and aggrandizement. As the Judaic mentality and the Jewish spirit have gained sway, all forms of higher life have been swept aside or crushed altogether. Where profits reign supreme, tradition dies, pragmatism displaces virtue and piety and persons become, not moral actors, but consumers, “eaters” and slaves for the globalist overlords.

How has education devolved under the Judaic hand and at the behest of the Jewish spirit? It has been both condensed and fragmented. Education has been ripped away from its Greek and Western moorings. Its purpose has ceased to be one of instilling character, virtue and temperance. The Aristotelian educational philosophy of both studying and understanding virtue and living a virtuous life has been displaced. The important question “How shall we order our lives?” or “What is the specific function of man as a moral actor?” has been substituted by other, more sinister questions. William James’ pragmatism has been wedded with the Jewish profit motive and birthed into an ugly mongrel-like monstrosity. The Jamesian question “But does it work?” has been intertwined and sometimes replaced with the Jewish query “But does it sell?” Thus consumerism, pragmatism and globalism all waltz together in perfect harmony.

Jewish dissident Samuel Roth in his book Jews Must Live discussed the proclivity of his people to become doctors and lawyers. Yet he made it quite clear that these professions were not pursued by Jews out of a desire for societal health and wellness or social justice. Roth knew his brethren well. These professions were chosen entirely because they provided both status and wealth. Hence we see the historical distrust of Jewish physicians in antiquity and the contemporary low view most people take of lawyers and of the law both historically and as currently practiced. Thus we have lawyer jokes. This Jewish penchant for choosing a profession based only on money has been disseminated throughout our culture and it has had often damaging results. “Profits Not People” has become the catchphrase of our culture. It is the springboard for globalism. It is the end of protectionism, sovereignty and the nation-state.

The Jewish mentality is, not to put too fine a point on it, bent inexorably towards Mammonism (what was once known as greed) and the profit motive. Even the Marxist framework, while supposedly eschewing capitalism and this same profit motive, reduces man to nothing more than an economic actor, with few or any other noticeable dimensions or motivations. When a human being is nothing other than a consumer of goods and services, he becomes, in the eyes of the elite, an “eater”, and his usefulness or uselessness is defined only by the benefits he provides to those at the top of the pyramid.

This Judaic paradigm has had pernicious ramifications in myriad areas. It has minimized many values once regarded as “first principles” or crucial bedrocks for crafting a civil society and reduced them to nothing more than pragmatic or economic choices. Radical individualism has bitten down. Take note of the many European-American women, suckled at the teat of Jewish orthodoxy, who, along with their Jewish compatriots, slander and demean traditionalist women, calling them “breeders” and their children “sprogs.” This is undeniably derived from the Judaic mentality that encourages radical individualism among non-Jews. Its effects on the white family have been catastrophic. Our people are dying as they move from societal health to existential death. They imbibe and come to embody the Jewish spirit, the Jewish way of ordering a non-Jewish society. That way leads to oblivion.

Once upon a time, before the Judaic Order took its place at the apex of the hierarchy of Western governments, institutions and media, and the Aristotelian considerations of higher purpose, derived from our forebears, still held, however imperfectly, some noble sway, whether implicitly (common man) or explicitly (academicians and intellectuals) amongst our people, we were relatively healthy. Then came the toxins of Jewish thought, which condensed our choices and crumbled our purpose as a society and a people, leaving consumerism, greed and the profit motive to replace community, family and racial solidarity. These toxins were surely helped along by many of our own people, ideologues who truly believed they were working for a better world, the promised utopia written of in the tomes of the tribalists.

Some may think these evaluations too harsh, but the verdict is in. The Judaic mindset has, as its coded mantra, the complete destruction of Western civilization and the obliteration of tradition, family and the entire race of European mankind. The slave state envisioned by the Frankfurt School and dutifully written down in the Old Testament Pentateuch of yore, as well as in the book of Isaiah, is coming to pass. The “eaters” will grind on hopelessly and helplessly, their identities, traditions and their pride reduced to nothing. These amnesiacs, somnambulists all, sleepwalk through a world morphed and marred by the Jewish way of ordering things. Malignancies once seen as outrages by those who still recall the Old Order, are now tacitly accepted, sometimes heralded as necessities birthed for the ultimate common good. This is the sad truth of our times.

Reductionism and devaluation of every former precept of our people has become the intolerance we are forced to tolerate, all “for fear of the Jews” as we become weak-kneed, equivocating and ceaselessly apologetic. Any defenses once used as checks to arrest this slide into a Judaic dystopia have been whittled down to impotent and “discredited” bigotries and those who suggest revamping or reviving the old concepts of character, virtue and temperance, much less the more virulent and virile attitudes of racial pride, intolerance, traditionalism and meritocracy are practically branded as moral and intellectual criminals.

Does the Jewish spirit sell? Most assuredly it does sell, and it has been bought, hook, line and sinker by the majority. It is being packaged and sold to us every minute of every day. Does the Judaic mentality work in any objective sense? It positively does work, to the benefit of the tribalists and only the tribalists. Their ideas, now implemented and rammed into place by the once mediating institutions, those institutions that once worked for the nourishment and uplift of our people, now serve to nourish only the Judaic profiteers and the globalist overlords, whose only profit comes at our expense and at the cost of our existence. Our education system, our media and our government now work only for these Jewish ends.

Dear friends, we are no longer the moral actors grappling with lofty notions of virtue and right and wrong as we reach back to take hold of the philosophical treasures bequeathed to us. We have becomes the low men and women, the slaves, the “eaters” and the frivolous consumers that the Jewish power configuration long imagined us to be when they determined to smash our highest ideals. We hunger not for that which has made us strong and prosperous in the past, but only for the “bread and circuses” and the pseudo-images placed before our hollow eyes. If there are no sadder words than “what might have been” then we are truly the saddest souls of all.

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