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Michael James on another politician assassinated in a "car accident"; German Patriot Martina Pflock

How Satanic Jews and the German Secret Service Use Psychological Terror and Assassination to Silence German Patriots and Prevent the Restoration of the German Reich.

By Michael James in Germany


Martina Pflock was an attractive, middle-aged woman who had high hopes for her inquisitive and energetic eight-year-old daughter. She had a remarkable vision of the future and, having stumbled upon knowledge legally accessible to ordinary people but deliberately obscured by the ruling caste, she shared what she knew with others and gave hope to a town ravaged by government corruption. The year was 2004.

Martina, who was surprised to find she had a gift for public speaking, had found herself pushed to the forefront of a local campaign in Friedrichroda against municipal price gouging on the treatment of wastewater and sewage. She discovered something else that is readily admitted by constitutional lawyers and reluctantly acknowledged by nervous government officials. The Federal Republic of Germany (BRD), devised by the post-war occupying authorities in the western sector as a corporate settlement agency not designed to replace the pre-Hitler German Reich of 1918, had, following re-unification, legally expired on 18 July 1990 by dint of an international treaty, just three months before the official reunification of West and East Germany.


The more she learned, the more she discovered that natural-born Germans had been the victims of a cruel hoax: an 86-year experiment in pre-scripted political developments, manipulative historiography, and Satanic mind-control under the auspices of a wealthy and powerful Judeo-Masonic elite. The more she realised the scale of the deception, the more determined she was to secure "a future worth living" for her daughter. And the more she spoke out about the Jewish power matrix, the more anxious the government became.


The political elites in Berlin began to panic. Surreptitious phone calls were placed on encrypted satellite channels at the dead of night. Something had to give.

On 2 November 2004, a dispassionate Hessen Radio report casually mentioned that a woman and her child had died instantly in a head-on collision with a tree on a remote country lane. Her name was Martina Pflock. Friedrichroda went into shock and strangers comforted each other on the streets as they broke down and cried.

The local newspaper published a brief report. Then a news blackout ensued.

Nobody knew who had been the first at the scene of the accident because officials said they didn't know. Nobody knew exactly how Martina and her daughter had died because no inquest was held. Nobody knew where the bodies were kept because nobody was informed; and nobody got the chance to pay their last respects because the corpses were hurriedly cremated in Gotha, a town almost 30 miles away from Friedrichroda.


It later transpired that the much-feared secret police, the Verfassungsschutz, usually referred to as the VS or V-men, had been watching Martina and had even been sending her hints that she was playing with fire. On 24 October 2004, an anonymous letter warned her that her life was in danger:

"Dear Frau Pflock [….] You're causing a great deal of trouble [….] Telephones keep ringing and ringing … one crisis meeting leads to another … the state government has even asked us to terminate you [….] We note that you are not easily silenced, even by democratic means [….] And, oh yes, we are listening to all your private conversations with your lawyer Herr Kupfrian [….] Be warned that Dr Weisheit from Hessen is in a panic and will now ask the press to invent unpleasant stories about you [….] Expect the Verfassungsschutz (secret police) to be watching you at all times [....] You are threatening the financial welfare of certain politicians such as Mr Trautvetter and he is angry [....] Your demand for the repayment of 274 million euros to the people is not possible, because stolen money is stolen money and cannot be repaid [….] and we have an election coming. People will get used to it. They can always be bribed. Government officers know that the BRD is illegal and that the return of the German Reich is inevitable, but you're pushing the boat too soon. You're making the issue too hot and that's affecting our budget. The destruction of your family is a real risk. We cannot allow you to win. You may think you have certain rights, but we can simply terminate you any time we want. We shall start with the media. The TLZ newspaper reporters Oliver Bauer and Kaczmarek are ready to destroy you, to terminate you!"


Just three days before she was murdered, Martina Pflock made her last entry in her diary:

"For years, courageous Germans have suffered intolerable injustices at the hands of BRD judges and lawyers. Even I have been warned that the time has come when I will be criminalised and murdered. Ever since I began to campaign against the wastewater fraud, all manner of intrigues have been set in play, and I know full well who the dark players are."

"If the truth emerges, there will be a civil war in our beautiful Germany. Every politician must leave our country at once, simply because they have betrayed and knowingly lied to the people over many years. And my people are not, as some politicians believe, by any means stupid, but simply too inclined to believe that we live in a democracy. They are simply good upstanding people, as they have always been!"

"However, for over 60 years we have been bombarded by a collectively evil lie that we must forever pay for a propagandistic deception, and for all eternity until the German people have been fully destroyed: a certainty in just a few generations. In the meantime, it is no secret that the western capitalist system has already collapsed. However, the truth, the only truth that shall always remain victorious, will never be vanquished. That's why they intend to kill me in the same way they murdered Möllemann: an 'accidental' death."

"This is inevitable, for the truth about the non-existence of the German state (the BRD) is not the least reason for the beginning of a [civil] war. I fight for my daughter, whom I love with all my heart. I give my life to her, and for that they will surely kill me."

Let us never forget the murder of Martina Pflock and her young daughter, or the deaths and character assassinations of hundreds of German patriots who have demanded the abolition of the unlawful BRD state and the restitution of the honourable German Reich.


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